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United States – Canada partnership takes aim at guns

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The United States and Canada have had good relations over the years. That being said, the current government of Canada and current executive branch in the U.S. are both on the same page when it comes to infringing on civil liberties and usurping the rights of their people. Prime Minister Justin “Castro” Trudeau and Sleepy Joe Biden joined in a partnership back in 2021 that has the markings of some real New World Order kind of stuff. Recently the two pinkos in charge released a joint statement on the 2023 “US-Canada Cross Border Crime Forum (CBCF).”

First, the backstory. The “partnership,” officially referred to as a “Roadmap for a Renewed U.S.-Canada Partnership,” has some interesting things set out as shared goals as noted in the comrades’ comments:

“It is in the shared interest of the United States and Canada to revitalize and expand our historic alliance and steadfast friendship to overcome the daunting challenges of today and realize the full potential of the relationship into the future. The Roadmap for a Renewed U.S.-Canada Partnership announced today establishes a blueprint for an ambitious and whole-of- government effort against the COVID-19 pandemic and in support of our mutual prosperity. It creates a partnership on climate change, advances global health security, bolsters cooperation on defense and security, and it reaffirms a shared commitment to diversity, equity, and justice. Bound by history and geography, the partnership between the United States and Canada endures because we invest in each other’s success.”

President Joe Biden
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
February 23, 2021

The neo-Marxists buzz words are all in there; climate change, global health, diversity, equity, etc. The partnership actually bolsters what I’d consider some really scary stuff, especially seeing how Trudeau saw to the outlawing of handgun ownership transfer in Canada, never mind how those truckers that had a thing or two to say were treated during the pandemic. The 2021 “roadmap” can be read in full HERE.

The 2023 CBCF just wrapped up and this is what the two “leaders” had to say about firearms:

Reducing Firearms Trafficking and Violence

Both the United States and Canada share a strong commitment to combatting firearms violence. To keep our communities safe, Ministers emphasized ongoing actions to address the smuggling of firearms across our shared border. Noting recent success on coordinated firearms investigations, Ministers plan to deepen cooperation in tackling gun violence in several key areas, including timely and actionable information sharing, investigations and enforcement.

In particular, Ministers decided to continue advancing both domestic and bilateral efforts to reduce firearms violence – including through the Cross Border Firearms Task Force (CBFTF) – to trace and seize guns used in crime, disrupt cross-border firearms smuggling, and to identify and target shippers and receivers through the coordination of joint operations and investigations. Ministers also decided to advance collaborative work related to stemming the proliferation of privately manufactured firearms (“ghost guns”) and strengthen cooperation with state, provincial, Indigenous and tribal partners.

In addition, they highlighted the Memorandum of Understanding between the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), signed in March 2023; as well as a Memorandum of Understanding between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), signed in November 2022. These arrangements will be pivotal in helping both countries interdict firearms and drugs through enhanced information sharing.

The simple nomenclature use of referencing the people heading these task forces as “Ministers” should raise a few eyebrows. A lot like when certain executives appoint “Czars” to think tank types of groups or leadership positions. The earmarks are all there, with both the Canadian and U.S. governments telling everyone what they’re up to.

Something like “enhanced information sharing” sounds a lot like the U.S. is allowing Canada to spy on Americans for the executive branch, and vice versa. What kind of information is going to be shared? “Timely and actionable information sharing” is a multi-border NSA spying agency IMHO.

Someone ought to tip off our frostbacked friends in the great white north about how the U.S. has handled arms and borders in the past – A hem, Operation Fast and Furious. Trudeau, as evil as he seems to really be, might be tangoing with forces that have way more experience in the realm of rights usurpation and dog wagging – even if it is alleged to be in his blood, comrade.

A good much of this alert has very little to do with firearms, but rather it has more to do with the big picture of the disarmament ideology. When people ask “Why guns? Why the Second Amendment?” referencing the attention paid to this civil liberty we cover at Bearing Arms, the answer is rather simple. The Second Amendment is the final stop-gap between complete tyranny and liberty.

There’s nothing wrong with cooperating with other nations on trying to achieve common goals, but read between the lines on this one. The common goals are not ones that would serve the citizens. Two administrations hellbent on disarming their people, what could go wrong? We could see Mexico entering the fray here, however that’d be far too obvious on what intentions the power brokers actually have – that and the good people who live south of the border are already disarmed, and they’re doing just fine.

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