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TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

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Welcome to TFB Podcast Roundup 85. This week we’ll be diving back into some normal podcasts now that NRAAM 2023 is well out of the way and everyone is apt to get back to talking about their favorite niche subjects that pop up across the web. Podcasts once again are my go-to source for background entertainment when I travel – mostly air travel these days. This week I’ve lined up a few of my favorite podcasters who have some fresh new discussions for us including Vortex Nation’s #10MinuteTalk, IV8888’s Gun Gripes, and a neat interview between Ron Spomer and Hickock45. As always, sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s selection of gun podcast content.

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TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

Ron Spomer Outdoors – Podcast – Shooting Watermelons with @hickok45 – Season 2 Episode 97

Length: 42 Minutes

Welcome to the Ron Spomer Outdoors Podcast! In this episode, I sit down with @hickok45 and talk about shooting watermelons, the 2nd amendment, and the future of his channel.

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

Listen to the Ron Spomer Outdoors Podcast – Shooting Watermelons with @Hickock45 – Season 2 Episode 92 on YouTube

Gun Gripes#354: “What is the Perfect Rifle?”

Length: 50 Minutes

In this episode, Eric and Chad discuss their ideal rifle setup and all the features that go into “The Perfect Rifle.”

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

Listen to IV8888’s Gun Gripies #354: “What is the Perfect Rifle?” on YouTube

Task & Purpose – How Poland’s New Rifle will OUTMATCH their Enemy

Length: 19 Minutes

Poland’s infantry needed a new primary rifle that would give them a technological advantage over a potential Russian invasion. In order to accomplish this they turned to their very own domestically produced GROT rifle that does everything their previous old soviet style AKM cannot. The concept here is that the GROT is flexible enough to excel at the various forms of combat a Polish soldier might encounter. From trench warfare to long range tree-line to tree-line shooting.

Written by: Chris Cappy & Diego Aceituno
Edited by: Savvy Studios

The GROT was introduced in 2017 alongside the founding of their brand new military branch called the Territorial Defense Forces as part of a major modernization overhaul plan. The rifle’s development actually closely tracks Poland’s transition from their old soviet style weapons to the nations new place in the world as a major NATO player. Today over 10,000 Grot Rifles have been shipped to Ukrainian soldiers to help defend against Russia where it has been given stellar performance reviews.

But to be honest, it wasn’t an entirely smooth ride to get here; there were all kinds of challenges that needed to be solved by Poland along the way. Early teething issues threatened to sink the GROTS reputation, doubts about the Polish defense industry’s ability to manufacture at that scale, and defense industry management held the weapons release for years. So lets find out why the Polish GROT is the perfect for their forces.

Task & Purpose is a military news and culture oriented channel. We want to foster discussion about the defense industry.

Email [email protected] for inquires.

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

Listen to Task and Purpose: How Poland’s New Rifle will OUTMATCH their Enemy on YouTube

Vortex Nation Podcast #10MinuteTalk – Rik’s Turkey Crunchin’ 870

Length: 22 Minutes

Slingin’ Rik is back on the podcast, and he’s brought his beloved, hunt-worn, Remington 870. If he cut a notch in the stock of this thing every time he killed a turkey, you’d be left with a mighty fine toothpick. It’s the only shotgun he’s owned for most of his life. Listen for the nostalgic backstory of his most cherished firearm. Do you have a gun like this? 00:00 – Intro 0:35 – The Remington Model 870 2:25 – Cantilever Mount and Sighting In 8:35 – Erik’s Hunting History with the 870 10:52 – Out with the Old, in with The New? 14:50 – Future Plans 15:51 – Choke Tube and Ammo 19:15 – Red Dots for Turkeys 19:58 – Closing Thoughts As always, we want to hear your feedback! Let us know if there are any topics you’d like covered on the Vortex Nation™ podcast by asking us on any one of our social media platforms and using #VortexNationPodcast.

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

Listen to the Vortex Nation Podcast #10MinuteTalk – Rik’s Turkey Crunchin’ 870 on YouTube

PARAcast firearms podcast – PARAcast 361 “Crazy Pills”

Length: 72 Minutes

We discuss Jared’s cop match, Tom’s every growing feeling of being right too early and the removal of USPSA president Yee-Min Lin and what you can do about it. We have a form letter you can send to [email protected]
Dear Members of the Board,
I am writing to express my concern about the removal of President Yee-Min Lin’s R.O. certification by NROI. It troubles me that an elected official who won a clear majority of the vote could be removed from office due to a certification issue under the sole discretion of DNROI. Mr. Lin has worked hundreds of matches a trait that a volunteer organization should value. There appear to be contradicting issues that make this seem like an issue of politics rather than good ethical judgment.

I have the following questions for you:
1. What was the reason for the removal of his certification?
2. Will you impartially hear his appeal before May 1st?
3. How many RO certifications have been removed in the past five years?
4. Why does Mel Rodero still hold an elected office, while Mr. Lin has been removed?
5. What bylaw gives the BOD the ability to make an exception for one of their own?

I implore the members of the board to reinstate Mr. Lin and revise the bylaws for RO decertification for board members to prevent abuse from DNROI.

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

Listen to the PARAcast Firearms Podcast 361 “Crazy Pills” on YouTube

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #67: Preaching the Gospel of Red Dot w/ Scott Jedlinski

Length: 38 Minutes

On today’s episode of TFB’s Behind the Gun Podcast, we’ve brought on the “Dot Father” himself to talk about pistol red dots. Scott “Jedi” Jedlinski is the owner and operator of Modern Samurai Project a traveling training company where the main focus of the classes is to become more proficient with handguns using red dot sights. In today’s episode, Scott and I discuss a lot of the most commonly asked questions about red dot use and design including what he thinks of the current trend involving enclosed emitter red dots, whether or not he thinks window size matters, what the biggest pitfalls of some of the most popular designs are, and of course what he would do personally if he could design any red dot he wanted. Please welcome Scott Jedlinski to the TFB Behind the Gun Podcast!

To get info on classes including what to bring, pricing, and availability dates, you can visit any of the following websites:

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #67: Preaching the Gospel of Red Dot w/ Scott Jedlinski

TFB Podcast Roundup 85: Podcats for the Friendly Skies

That’s it for this week, folks. I hope you enjoyed some or all of these episodes or at least have something to listen to for the rest of your week’s commutes. Let us know what you find interesting about these podcasts and we’ll catch you again next week for another roundup of great firearms podcasts!

Read the full article here

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