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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #114: Vlad’s Wild Gun Adventures in the Russian Film Industry

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Today we are back again with TFB’s Vladimir Onokoy to talk with him about his wild adventures with guns in the Russian film industry. While most of you will no doubt know Vladimir from his extensive body of work right here on TFB, he’s done a lot of other stuff too including some stints as a security contractor, armorer, sales rep, and as you’ll hear about today – a set armorer, movie firearms consultant, and actor within the Russian film industry. Everything from live ammo on set to hundreds of working tanks in a single prop house inventory, Vlad has seen a lot of unique angles in the Russian film industry so today’s podcast is a real treat if you’re both a firearms nerd and a movie buff. Please welcome TFB’s Vladimir Onokoy back to the show!

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Vlad as he appears in the movie “Sky”

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #114: Vlad’s Wild Gun Adventures in the Russian Film Industry

Most of you are familiar with TFB’s own Vladimir Onokoy – a Russian writer who’s not just an expert on the AK platform, but a wide variety of firearms from across the globe. Vlad has not only served as a consultant for military outfits around the world, but as you’ll learn today, he’s also been a consultant, and actor, and also worked in the exciting world of firearm prop houses for Russian-based films. Today Vlad shares with us some of his history in this exciting world, how it connects to some of his modern-day writing, and some of the more unsavory experiences he had while working on sets like Kalashnikov (AK-47), and the 2021 film Sky (Russian: Небо; Nebo) also known as Mission «Sky». When it comes to exciting tales and interesting factoids about some of filmmaking’s most popular guns, few people other than Larry Zanoff have as much to tell as Vlad does and that’s why we’re glad to bring him back on the podcast today!

Vladimir on Instagram

Vladimir’s Articles on The Firearm Blog

TFB Behind the Gun #114: Vlad's Wild Gun Adventures in the Russian Film Industry

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TFB B-Side Podcast: Gun Law and Gun Culture in Italy with Giorgio O

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TFB B-Side Podcast: Gun Law and Gun Culture in Italy with Giorgio O

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