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Simple Gourmet – The Breakfast Sandwich for the Real Man

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The Best Breakfast Sandwich

There’s no denying: An excellent breakfast sandwich will take you a long way up a mountain before you stop for lunch or stop to process the critter you just killed. McDonald’s has a good handle on the system, but you can easily do better with quality meat, egg, and cheese.

I’m using wild hog sausage, but you could also use turkey sausage, or you could use some meat from an animal you killed yesterday and knife grind it. Alternatively, a slice of bear ham would be good, too.

Duck eggs are rich and pair nicely with the sausage and cheddar cheese, but chicken eggs will do in a pinch. A fun twist is adding a couple of canned apples or pie filling. The sweetness balances the salt in the sausage. Plus, you can use the can to shape the eggs and sausage so they’re the same size and fit the bread nicely.

For bread, use a bagel or an English muffin and toast it in the pan.

What You Need

  • Sausage
  • Egg
  • Cheese
  • Bread
  • Can of pie filling

What You Do

Preheat your skillet for cooking eggs. Open the pie filling and put the contents in a bowl, or use another tin can. Remove both ends of the can and the label.

Wipe some raccoon grease or other cooking oil on the inside rim of the can that you’ll put on the pan so your egg doesn’t stick. set your bread to toast on one side of the pan. Place the can on the pan and use it to form your sausage into a patty; flip it when ready. Drop your egg into the can on the pan — it may leak a little, but it should stay mostly contained. Remove the can and flip the egg for a quick sizzle.

Serve this breakfast sandwich hot with two slices of apple on the bottom, then meat, then egg, then cheese on top. Heck, you can go bun-less and it’s also delicious.

*Note that my meat is pink because it was cured with tender quick, not because it’s rare.

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