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SILENCER SATURDAY #277: Silencers Ripped From The Headlines

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Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the new YHM Turbo T3 5.56 rifle suppressor. Last week we discussed the history of SilencerCo and their current product line. Unfortunately it has been a busy few weeks for me and I did not have time to put together a suppressor review for this week. Instead, let’s comb the internet for news related to suppressors in a new segment I’m branding Silencers Ripped From The Headlines.

Everything should quiet down and get back to normal this week because we have a new suppressor in for review that should spark a lot of interest. Stay tuned.

And now Silencers Ripped From The Headlines.

Sen. Menendez, Rep. Watson Coleman Renew Bicameral Effort To Outlaw Gun Silencers  – April 27, 2023

Source: https://www.menendez.senate.gov/newsroom/press/sen-menendez-rep-watson-coleman-renew-bicameral-effort-to-outlaw-gun-silencers

Gun silencers are devices designed for a very specific purpose – to suppress the sound of gunfire from unsuspecting victims and reduce the chances they can run, hide, take cover, and call the police during an active shooter situation,” said Sen. Menendez. “It is well past time that we pass the HEAR Act, legislation that would prevent armed assailants from using deadly devices that only make incidents of gun violence all the more dangerous.”

Silencers are not tools of self-defense, they are tools of murder. They have no legal application, which is why law enforcement officials around the country have called for their elimination,” said Rep. Watson Coleman. “The HEAR Act will save lives and is part of the common sense approach to firearms legislation that has widespread support among voters on both sides of the aisle.

Gun silencers are among the fastest-growing segments of the gun industry. While several states, including New Jersey, outlaw gun silencers, these devices are currently permitted under federal law, but must be registered. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there are currently over 900,000 silencers registered under the National Firearms Act. A nationwide ban on silencers would ensure the devices are not trafficked into states where bans are in place.

Leaving politics out of the conversation completely and we still have fear mongering, false statements, and, ironically, a lack of common sense. And we are close to 3 million silencers registered, people. Rookie numbers!

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office buying $159,000 worth of rifle suppressors – March 23, 2023

Source: https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2023/mar/23/spokane-county-sheriffs-office-buying-159000-worth/

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is buying 155 rifle suppressors for $159,000 to protect its deputies from hearing damage.

The Spokane County Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved the purchase without discussion. The Sheriff’s Office will buy the suppressors from Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Spokane.

Suppressors, which are screwed onto the end of a gun’s barrel, muffle the sound of gunfire. They’re often referred to as silencers, but law enforcement officials say that’s a misnomer.

“These do not work like the things you’ve seen in Hollywood,” Sheriff John Nowels said. “It does reduce the decibels that come out of the gun, but it does not make them silent. You’re going to know about it for a couple of blocks.”

Nowels said Sheriff’s Office deputies have filed 18 hearing damage complaints in the last five years, although he noted that some of those may not have been firearm-related.

The Sheriff’s Office and Spokane Police Department have had at least seven officers suffer permanent partial hearing loss due to firearm use during lethal encounters.

Did the Sheriff not consult with Senator Menendez about the dangers of suppressors?

Shooting the Breeze: Are suppressors all that? – 

Source: https://www.bluemountaineagle.com/sports/outdoors/shooting-the-breeze-are-suppressors-all-that/article_c98efa88-dd5c-11ed-9901-4ba2ee14a0b4.html

They do make shooting a lot more pleasant for you and the folks near you at the range or in the field. In addition to noise suppression, they also reduce recoil, although not as much as a muzzle brake. The reduction in noise and recoil makes them ideal for teaching new shooters.

Many hunters, especially predator hunters, report that a suppressed shot doesn’t spook game as much, allowing for more follow-up shots.

Personally, I don’t feel the need to pack one around all hunting season for just one or two shots, but plenty of folks do. They also get really hot, really fast. Run five shots through one in short order, and you can fry an egg on it.

This is like the ‘size of the fish that got away’ story for the NFA world.

While I have a fair amount of experience with suppressors, I haven’t taken the plunge to own one yet. However, quite a few hunters and shooters that I respect have, so there must be something there.

I’m not so sure about that.

Is it legal to own a gun suppressor in Illinois? – April 10, 2023

Source: https://www.mystateline.com/news/is-it-legal-to-own-a-gun-suppressor-in-illinois/

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The deafening sound of a bullet exploding out of the barrel of a gun might not be recognizable if a suppressor is screwed onto the end of the barrel.

With a suppressor or silencer, the shot fired out of a .22 caliber handgun measured just 98 decibels. Without it? Close to 120db.

Firearms experts say that might interfere with your ability to take down a whitetail buck.

In Illinois, however, it is illegal to buy, sell, or own a gun suppressor.

In February, the American Suppressor Association Foundation (ASA) filed a lawsuit that challenges the state’s ban. The suit was filed on behalf of avid hunters who complain they can’t protect their hearing with suppressors while hunting in the state.

The math just isn’t adding up. First, I will pay $1,000 right now for a rimfire suppressor that can achieve a 98 dB report. Second, I want to see that .22LR that can “take down” a whitetail buck at hunting distances.

Port Huron man with 20 guns, 4 homemade silencers fires shots into neighbor’s siding, ATF says

Source: https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/local/2022/12/30/port-huron-man-with-20-guns-4-homemade-silencers-fires-shots-into-neighbors-siding-atf-says/

PORT HURON, Mich. – Police said they found 20 guns and four homemade silencers inside the home of a Port Huron man who had drunkenly fired shots through his own basement window and into his neighbor’s siding.

Suspected silencers found inside a Port Huron home that was searched on March 26, 2022, and May 11, 2022. (United States District Court)

Greer agreed to let officers search his home and told them where to find a key to his gun safe, according to authorities.

Police said they seized 17 rifles/shotguns, three pistols, ammunition, magazines, and other firearm parts and accessories during the search.

They also found what they believed to be a black silencer on Greer’s bedroom nightstand, court records show. One of the rifles had a threaded barrel that matched the suspected silencer, officers said.

When police spoke to Greer’s girlfriend again, she told them that he makes silencers at home.

There’s a lot going on here, so I’m just going to go ahead and blame Detroit for everything.

Ex-Air Force sergeant from Spring Lake pleads guilty to stealing military’s gun silencers – March 31, 2023

Source: https://www.cbs17.com/news/local-news/cumberland-county-news/ex-air-force-sergeant-from-spring-lake-pleads-guilty-to-stealing-militarys-gun-silencers/

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A former Air Force master sergeant from Spring Lake has pleaded guilty to stealing gun silencers that were supposed to be used by the military, federal prosecutors say.

Prosecutors also say that after he left the Air Force and became a U.S. Army civil service employee, he continued to steal weapons intended for military use from firearms dealers and manufacturers.

Among the items seized from his home: Two Surefire silencers, a Daniel Defense internally suppressed rifle barrel, eight Geisselle Automatics rifle upper assemblies, two suspected rocket launcher tubes and about 6,000 rounds of sealed ammunition along with a 31-page classified document from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command that he was not authorized to have.

‘We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.’

D.A. Bragg & Commissioner Sewell Announce Indictment of Christopher Fox in Ghost Guns And Narcotics Takedown – April 26, 2023

Source: https://manhattanda.org/d-a-bragg-commissioner-sewell-announce-indictment-of-christopher-fox-in-ghost-guns-and-narcotics-takedown/

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg, Jr., and New York City Police Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell announced today the indictment of CHRISTOPHER FOX, 30, for possessing thousands of dollars in equipment to manufacture 3D-printed ghost guns, chemicals to produce narcotics, and controlled substances in his Upper East Side apartment.

“As alleged, Christopher Fox fully equipped himself with an arsenal of materials to operate a ghost gun and narcotics factory out of his home,” said District Attorney Bragg. “His use of 3D printing to manufacture parts for assault-style weapons serves as another example of just how easy and cheap it is to create dangerous firearms in a home or apartment. With just a couple clicks online and a few hundred dollars, these guns can be created without any background check or license. We will continue to crackdown on the polymer pipeline with our law enforcement partners and advocate for tougher laws to stop the proliferation of these weapons.”

Pictured: 3D-Printed Ghost Gun Parts Recovered from March 8th Search Warrant

According to court documents and statements made on the record in court, FOX manufactured enough gun parts to assemble an operable assault weapon-style rifle. From approximately March 30, 2018, to December 17, 2022, FOX purchased at least 190 items worth nearly $7,600 to assemble firearms and print 3D weapons. On March 8, 2023, investigators executing a search warrant at FOX’s residence recovered two 3D-printed firearm silencers; two 3D-printed large capacity magazines; five 3D-printed unfinished frames or receivers; four 3D-printed upper receivers; multiple rounds of ammunition; an ammunition press; three 3D printers, and multiple spools of filament.

It’s almost like banning things doesn’t keep them out of the hands of criminals. Interesting.

Have a great week everyone. Be safe and we’ll see you back here next weekend for another Silencer Saturday.




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