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Prosecutors: Baldwin ‘Violated Decades-Old Gun Safety Rules’

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Actor and anti-gun activist Alec Baldwin is in hot water.

The armorer for the film Rust has been sentenced to 18 months in prison and yet he is the one who pulled the trigger. He can claim the gun just went off, but it didn’t. 

Now, he’s facing his own trial, so his attorneys did what attorneys do. They tried to get the entire case thrown out.

That means the prosecution had to respond. They had to show there was a valid reason for the trial to continue.

And boy did they.

On May 22, state prosecutors filed another response to Alec Baldwin’s attempt to get the case thrown out. In court documents obtained by The Blast, the state of New Mexico filed a response to his motion to dismiss the case for failure to allege a criminal offense.

In the filing, prosecutors allege that Baldwin “violated decades-old guns safety and set safety standards by pointing the gun at a person, cocking it, and pulling the trigger– this is especially egregious given that the rehearsal/blocking did not call for the actor to do any of these things.”

“It is a substantial and unjustifiable risk to point a real gun at another human being, cock it, and pull the trigger under nearly all circumstances but certainly so where the gun handler did not participate in the loading of the gun and determined with certainty that all rounds were inert of ensured that all six chambers of the revolver were empty,” they go on to say.

The prosecutors assert that “the facts are simple” in this case, adding, “Guns kill and everyone, including Mr. Baldwin, knows it.”

Guns don’t kill, people kill, but then again, Baldwin believes guns kill.

In other words, he doesn’t deserve a pass here because he knew he had a dangerous weapon on his hip and he still started messing around with it. Especially since the scene didn’t actually require any of that.

It might have been different if the shot called for Baldwin to point the gun in the direction of the camera and to pull the trigger. Then, it was just a horrible accident, but Baldwin was at least doing something he was supposed to do.

Instead, he was reportedly playing around with the gun.

One can’t help but wonder if the reason he’s so down on gun ownership is because he knows he should never be trusted with a firearm. After all, most of us figure we’re pretty average or normal, so if we do something, we figure the odds are good that most people do that same thing. Since he’s irresponsible with a firearm in his hands, he figures we are too.

Regardless, the truth of the matter is that there is no evidence suggesting the prosecution’s argument is false in any way. He was mishandling a firearm and that mishandling led to the death of Halyna Hutchins. That’s the textbook definition of manslaughter, and Baldwin needs to answer for that.

If a jury of his peers finds him not guilty, then so be it, but it needs to be up to the jury. I just don’t think Baldwin is going to like what a jury says.

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