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Pennsylvania Man on Probation Arrested Over Guns, Drugs in Home

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People can end up on probation for any number of reasons, up to and including having to take some time to pay a traffic fine. 

But a lot of other people who are on probation are basically getting a chance to keep living their lives rather than wasting away in prison. Regardless of why they’re on probation, though, there are things they can and cannot do while on it.

In Pennsylvania, if you’re on supervised probation, for example, you cannot own a firearm lawfully.

Whether that’s right or wrong is a discussion for another time. It is what it is, which means people on supervised probation are prohibited people in the state.

Clearly, it didn’t stop this dude, nor did the prohibition against having fentanyl.

James Kamauf, a 46-year-old man from Londonderry Township, was arrested back in March after Bedford County Probation visited his home. The visit prompted the probation officer to reach out to state police after they found drugs, drug paraphernalia, and a number of firearms.

The guns included, according to WTAJ:

  • Winchester shotgun
  • Teico Squires Bingham model 14
  • Marlin Model 60
  • Interarms .270 rifle
  • Savage lever action rifle
  • Remmington model 550
  • 20-gauge shotgun
  • Cricket .22
  • 16-gauge shotgun
  • Beretta .22 pistol
  • 9mm pistol

Now, admittedly, most of these aren’t exactly what we think of as the arsenal of a drug kingpin. These are mostly your average Good Old Boy’s gun safe contents versus the weapons of a hardened criminal.

However, it doesn’t really matter because of two facts.

The first is that if you’re on supervised probation in Pennsylvania–and if a probation officer is knocking on your door and looking for you, you’re on supervised probation, as a general thing–and you can’t own firearms while using illicit substances. Yes, that matter is a topic for court cases, including one I wrote about earlier today, but it’s the law here and now.

And clearly, those laws didn’t accomplish a whole heck of a lot, down did they?

Kamauf may well have bought the guns before he was on probation and when no one knew he was using drugs–if he didn’t buy them before the drug use started, which is possible–but the truth is that he was still prohibited and had them.

According to your average anti-gunner, that’s simply not possible. We know because these folks tell us gun control works. Looking at the list of guns, it’s clear just how well it works for anyone with eyes.

Couple that with the drugs, which are even more tightly controlled than guns, and the fact that Kamauf was able to get those easily enough, and the whole lie of gun control begins to unravel yet again.

Time and time again, anti-gunners continue to pretend that restricting the rights of people like you and me will have some kind of effect on criminals. They say it with such certainty that a lot of people believe them, especially when the media pretends it’s the truth.

We have problems in this country, but gun control is really just a distraction rather than a solution to anything. We keep talking about it and not how to deal with the massive amount of opioids on our streets, opioids that are killing a boatload of people each year.

If we can’t stop that, how are we going to stop guns while supposedly “respecting” people’s right to keep and bear arms? It’s never going to happen, even with the ridiculous version of “respecting” our rights that some people ascribe to.

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