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New Sako TRG 62 A1 in .375 CheyTac

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The rifle’s design includes adjustable features such as the cheek piece, butt stock, length of pull, and pistol grip, allowing for customization to the operator.

Building on the legacy of the renowned SAKO TRG 22 and TRG 42 sniper rifles, the Sako TRG 62 A1 is poised to set a new standard for Extreme Long Range Shooting in the weapons industry. Sako’s latest addition to the TRG family comes with enhanced impact, effectiveness, and precision, thanks to its powerful 9.5×77 caliber ( .375 CheyTac).

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Sako highlights these features in their marketing of their TRG 62 A1: Consistency with the TRG product family. The rifle uses the same adjustability and controls, so the feel remains the same. There is also the ability to reach further, more effectively, more precisely. The TRG 62 A1 is lightweight at only 7 kg and versatile and operable by one person.

The Sako TRG 62 A1: The evolution of long-range precision in military equipment

The Sako TRG 62 A1, a purpose-built sniper weapon, is designed to enhance the effectiveness of operators in any operation. An increasing number of accessories and scopes are adopted and allowed for use, ensuring adaptability to the ever-changing challenges in the field.

Sniper operators from various units and backgrounds conducted extensive field testing as part of the TRG 62 A1 development phase. Their insightful feedback has been included into the new rifle’s design and performance.

“Sako TRG 62 A1 was created for law enforcement and special operations teams, guaranteeing improved performance and operational efficacy. Potential clients include tactical units with specialized weapons needs for critical operations, and defense forces looking to improve their marksmanship and sniper capabilities. Our dedication to quality and innovation makes this rifle a revolutionary weapon for modern warfare.”Juuso Austin, Business Unit Director.

The Sako TRG 62 A1 is set to become another benchmark in the weapon industry, following in the footsteps of the SAKO TRG-22 and TRG-42 sniper weapons. Features include the ability to achieve greater impact, with improved effectiveness and precision, using the 9.5×77 caliber. Thanks to a weight of 7 kg and consistency with the TRG product family, it’s lightweight and mobile to use. The same adjustability and controls are maintained. Thus, the feel remains the same if operators are already using any TRG A1 models.

The TRG 62 A1, engineered for precision and power, redefines the limits of long-range shooting. The capabilities of traditional calibers like .308 and .338 Lapua Magnum are surpassed, offering unmatched accuracy and reach, extending beyond 2000 meters. The TRG 62 A1 stands out in its class with a significant enhancement in hit rates up to 1500 meters, and a notable increase in energy efficiency, delivering over 25% more energy.

“This advanced weapon system represents a significant leap in design and engineering, providing unmatched accuracy, range, and reliability. Our dedicated R&D team has meticulously crafted this marksman rifle to meet the evolving demands, ensuring superior performance in the field. This platform not only enhances the capabilities of long-range shooting but also sets a new standards for new doctrine of future marksmen – Miikka Tamminen, R&D Director.

The SAKO TRG legacy is excitedly carried on with the introduction of the Sako TRG 62 A1 rifle system. This is more than just a rifle; it’s a game-changer in long-range precision.


Here’s Sako’s “send it” video, featuring the TRG 62 A1.

So, how much would you like one? I think I own too small of a farm to be able to shoot it the way it was intended.

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