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Iowa Woman Sent to Federal Prison for Lying on 4473, What About Hunter Biden?

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Lying on the ATF’s Firearms Transaction Record, aka a Form 4473, is a big deal.

Those who make false statements on 4473s face serious consequences, as one Iowa woman learned last week.

Miracle Star Vaughn, 27, is due to spend the next 12 months in federal prison for, as the ATF put it in a recent press release, “making false statements during the purchase of firearms.”

Vaughn apparently lied about her drug use and her address while filling out the form. She purchased seven handguns over the course of 18 months and apparently handed them off to convicted felons.

The ATF reported:

One of the firearms Vaughn purchased was recovered in Chicago in the possession of Dimione Walker. Walker was a felon prohibited from possessing firearms, and also had a federal warrant for his arrest. One of the other guns Vaughn purchased was recovered in the possession of her significant other and co-defendant, Michael Haythorn, also a felon prohibited from possessing firearms.

Long story short, Vaughn did the crime, now she’s gotta do the time. Remember, there is no early release for federal prisoners. And once she gets out, she’ll be under three years of supervised release.

“Straw purchasing is a serious crime that contributes to the epidemic of gun violence,” United States Attorney Richard D. Westphal of the Southern District of Iowa said. “We will continue to partner with federal and local law enforcement to hold accountable those who illegally purchase firearms.”

Gunwriter Lee Williams brought up a great point in a recent article covering this very story. It’s titled, “Woman who lied about drugs during gun purchase sent to prison: What about Hunter?”

Indeed! What about Hunter Biden?

He’s done the same darn thing! We know, because both Hunter and his father, President Joe Biden, have copped to it, as GunsAmerica previously reported.

Allegation Timeline Specific Details Source
Drug use Late 1990s – 2010s Hunter Biden has struggled with substance abuse, including crack cocaine and alcohol, which led to rehab stints and a discharge from the U.S. Navy Reserve. The New Yorker
Ukraine business dealings 2014 – 2019 Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company, raising concerns about conflicts of interest and influence-peddling given his father’s role as U.S. Vice President at the time. BBC News
China business dealings 2013 – 2020 Hunter Biden was involved in investment and business ventures in China, sparking concerns about potential conflicts of interest and influence, particularly during Joe Biden’s vice presidency and presidential campaign. The Guardian
Laptop controversy 2019, reported in 2020 A laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden was given to a repair shop, and its contents were leaked to the media, including controversial emails and explicit images. The authenticity of the laptop and its contents were questioned, and the incident was characterized by some as a politically-motivated smear campaign. The New York Times
Firearm purchase incident 2018, reported in 2021 Hunter Biden was accused of lying on an ATF Form 4473 when purchasing a firearm, specifically regarding his past drug use. This raised questions about whether he should face legal consequences for the alleged false statement. Politico

Lee wrote, “Hunter Biden should be subjected to the same standard of justice that Miracle Star Vaughn received, if not more. After all, the 53-year-old unemployed drug addict is a negligent discharge just waiting to happen. His own videos show him holding a cocked 9mm Beretta with his finger on the trigger, after smoking crack in a motel room with naked prostitutes. It’s only a matter of time before Hunter puts a round in someone.”

But Hunter isn’t behind bars. Nope. Instead, he’s now selling his “artwork” to unknown individuals for tens of thousands of dollars!!!

This dual system of justice — one for the president’s son and one for everyone else — is cancerous to our Republic as it undermines the foundational principle of equality before the law.

Hunter Biden’s get-out-of-jail-free card needs to be revoked! Do you agree?

is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

Read the full article here

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