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CO gun control group’s demand counter to movement claims

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There aren’t as many gun control groups as stars in the sky, but not for lack of trying. After all, after every incident, it seems another group pops up.

In Colorado, there’s a group called Here4TheKids. Cam talked a bit about them last week.

Unfortunately, I missed that one and didn’t hear about them until Monday, when I found out exactly what their agenda is.

We often argue that gun control groups want to ban all guns. These groups counter that they want no such thing, that no one wants that. Sure, some of their leadership has made that a harder sell than it used to be, but that’s the official line, for the most part.

Here4TheKids, however, is different.

They’re not pretending.

For example, this is their official call to action:

The Here 4 the Kids movement calls on Colorado Governor Jared Polis to sign an Executive Order to ban guns and implement a statewide buyback program. To achieve this goal, we are organizing a sit-in of 25,000+ white women from around the country on Monday, June 5, at 5am in Denver, Colorado.

I’m old enough to remember when such a call would have been considered racist as hell, but Saira Rao, who formed the group, has said a lot of pretty racist things in the past and the left generally lets her.

Do they have a shot at achieving anything?

Not really.

First, let’s talk about their reach. Of all the social media outlets I’ve found them on, they have the most following on Instagram, where they have almost 52,000 followers.

I’m not going to pretend that’s nothing by any stretch of the imagination. It’s definitely a strong following for a statewide gun control group, especially since they just formed.

But to meet their goal of 25,000 “white women” showing up, they’d need half of their total following from Instagram to fly in from all over the nation. That’s not likely to happen.

Plus, as Cam noted, there are some indicators that this doesn’t have the energy organizers want us to believe.

Yet let’s say, for the sake of argument, that they could get everyone they want there and more. Let’s say that 50,000 people showed up.

It wouldn’t make any difference.

Rao has a law degree. She has also been involved in politics long enough to understand that there are some things a governor simply cannot do. One of those things is a unilateral decision to ban guns completely and totally within a state. He also can’t allot the kind of funds needed to institute a statewide buyback.

Seriously, her law school owes her a refund.

This is laughably stupid, though I suspect that when it fizzles, Rao will blame white women for not showing up rather than the fact that this is an idiotic idea from the start. Even most gun control advocates know that if it was this easy, guns would have been banned in numerous states a long time ago.

Even things like the AR-15 can’t be banned by executive order, for crying out loud, which is why states like California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and others had to actually pass legislation to try and do it.

Voltaire once wrote in a letter, “I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it.”

Thank you, Here4TheKids for proving to me that God does, indeed, grant prayers.

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