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34 Arrested in Southern California for Circumventing State’s Gun Laws

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California is the gun control state. It has the most extensive restrictions on the books and will likely keep adding to them until the courts finally put a stop to it, which isn’t likely to happen.

And the state is far from the most dangerous state in the nation. In fact, it’s the 21st safest.

I know what you might be thinking. If gun control works so well, how is the most gun-controlled state in the country stuck in the middle of the pack with regard to being a safe state.

Well, that’s an excellent point.

You see, gun control doesn’t work. It’s never worked and is never going to work. In fact, police in San Bernardino just made 34 arrests that illustrate just how little gun control works.

Dozens of suspected gang members were arrested during a week-long operation to crack down on crime in San Bernardino County. 

According to authorities, the operation happened between April 20 and April 26 in San Bernardinoand surrounding county areas.

Additionally, over 25 lbs. of suspected methamphetamine was recovered, and 32 firearms, which included two ghost guns, were seized. 

In total, as noted, 34 people were arrested.

Now, it’s also possible some of those people were just in the house at the time things went down and weren’t part of the illegal operation. Even so, you’re talking about nearly one gun per person arrested, and those are just the ones recovered.

Understand that California lawmakers have passed universal background checks, gun restrictions, ammo control, magazine restrictions, and a host of other regulations that we were told would put criminals in check.

Clearly, none of that has worked.

Then again, what else was seized.  That should tell you something important.

That’s right, methamphetamine. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s illegal pretty much everywhere, meaning that can’t be lawfully purchased in another state and then just driven across state lines.

States like California often blame illegal guns on neighboring or nearby states that lack their extensive anti-gun legislation, but the meth kind of shows that if criminals want something, they’ll find a way to get that something, all so they can sell it and make a profit.

Yes, I do wish they’d put that drive and ingenuity to use doing something legal, but they don’t and that’s what we have to deal with. In the process, they also use that ingenuity and drive to get guns that they basically view as a necessary business expense. They’re going to get them and you’re not going to stop them.

After all, this is San Bernardino. It’s not quite Los Angeles or San Francisco, two of the most anti-gun cities in the nation, but folks there have typically supported all the rules these illegal gun buyers broke and will keep supporting them until the heat death of the universe.

But we can clearly see that those rules don’t actually stop criminals. They never have and they never will.

Who gets impacted are all those people in San Bernardino who want to defend themselves but can’t because the rules in place make it virtually impossible for them to do so, even after Bruen.

Those folks are going to remain SOL while the criminals don’t even notice the laws’ existence.

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