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The Best Hunting Gifts for Father’s Day 2024

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Finding the perfect hunting gift for Father’s Day can be tough. There are so many options out there and being pointed in too many directions can lead to the dreaded analysis paralysis. Don’t get stuck wading through gifts he might not like.

We’ve tested the best hunting gear on the planet and as hunters, we know the stuff we’re planning on treating our dads to this Father’s Day.

These aren’t all of our favorite options, but they are a solid selection of some of our favorite hunting gifts for Dad.

Hunting Gifts for Father’s Day

Gunner Food Crate

The Gunner Food Crate is one of those products our hunt editor was skeptical about until she tested one. This thing is overkill in the best way. It’s rugged and dang-near indestructible.

It doesn’t lighten the load of toting food, but it will keep all manner of critters out. Our editor’s mouse problem was no match for the guard. The crate is air- and water-tight and while it’s a bit of a luxury buy, it’s one you can use for a lifetime. We love ours and if your dad is also a dog dad, he’ll love having one, too.

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KUIU PRO Brush Pant

The KUIU PRO Brush Pant is the indestructible hunting pant option your dad needs. The reinforced legs keep brush, briar, thorns, and the like from destroying your legs when ripping through rugged terrain. They’re great for upland hunting and stand up to whatever you throw at them in the backcountry.

If your dad hunts in arid habitats filled with cacti and other plants that bite, he’ll appreciate the brush pant in ways we can’t describe. They hold their own in just about any environment and will certainly win you the Father’s Day Gift of the Year Award.

And if you missed Mother’s Day, save face and get her a pair in women’s, too.

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Moultrie Mobile Edge PRO Trail Cam

This cellular-enabled trail cam from Moultrie Mobile takes a lot of the hassle out of getting quality trail cam pictures. With multi-network connectivity, this is a camera that should work just about anywhere that has the slightest bit of signal.

Your dad won’t have to trek out to pull SD cards to see what trophies have crossed into his spot. He can sit back and check the activity from his phone without even leaving the house. If your dad loves hunting with a camera as much as he does during big game season, the Edge Cam will make his Father’s Day a memorable one.

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Maven C.3 10×50 Binoculars

We named the Maven C.3 the best hunting binoculars because it hit the sweet spot of performance in low light, weight, and the $500 price tag. These are mid-tier binoculars with impressive clarity and contrast in suboptimal conditions, which hunters often favor.

At 28 ounces, these shouldn’t add too much to your packing weight or strain your arms while glassing, and the polymer frame and waterproof and fog-proof design are backed with a lifetime warranty.

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Kifaru Field Quiver

This quiver works as a modular belt system that holds additional pouches if desired. Arrows nestle inside the open main compartment, and the belt can hold tools, water, and other things you need to keep within reach when your attention is on the prize.

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Sitka Equinox Guard Hoodie

The Equinox Guard’s fabric is designed specifically to reduce insect bites and has Insect Shield built-in. Comfort is important, too, and this style is made to wick sweat in hot, humid conditions with a knit stretch fabric.

A breathable mesh facemask helps keep insects from landing on your face, and the hoodie has a long back hem to tuck into your pants and keep out chiggers and ticks.

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Benchmade Raghorn Hunting Knife 

The Benchmade Raghorn is an ultralight, fixed-blade hunting knife for dressing elk, caribou, and moose. The 4-inch drop-point blade is made from CPM-CruWear steel with ultra-sharp SelectEdge for better push-cuts and durability. The fixed blade and handle are coated with bright orange Cerakote with jimping above the carbon fiber handles for a better grip on detailed cleaning.

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Duck Camp Lightweight Short Sleeve Hunting Shirt

Built with warm-weather sportsmen in mind, this field shirt is made from nylon Supplex fabric that’s durable and soft. It wicks sweat, protects from the sun with a UPF 30+ rating, and has mesh ventilation in key areas. Stash a license or credit card in the hidden zipper pocket behind the left chest pocket.

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Morrell High Roller 21 Archery Target

Target practice makes hunting less of a gamble. Get Dad this dice-themed target with a weatherproof design that can stop field points and broadheads up to speeds of 450 fps.

The die is 13 inches cubed, with 21 “dots” as targets, and weighs 10 pounds.

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Bow Spider Bow Carrier System

The Bow Spider universal bow packing system for compound bows attaches to a pack, wall, car, or even a tree. This lets you stow yo

ur bow while you’re scouting or on the move. The kit includes a receiver, three 12-inch straps, a waist/tree belt, an anodized aluminum post with scratch guard, and all the screws you need to assemble and mount them.

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Outdoor Edge RazorPro L 3.5” Replaceable Blade Set

Formerly known as the RazorLite, the RazorPro L is a single-blade folder with replaceable blade edges. The black-oxide-coated blade holder supports the razor blades and releases them with the push of a button. The razor blades are 3.5-inch Japanese 420J2 stainless steel that’s heat-treated and hand-finished shaving-sharp. A rubberized TPR handle provides a non-slip grip, even when wet.

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Chene Waterfowl Boots

A lighter version of its insulated knee bots, the Chene Light Zippered Knee Boots weigh more than a pound less. They’re made from natural rubber for flexibility and durability. The waterproof boots have a wicking liner to dry fast and keep your feet comfortable.

Over time, your feet will contour the 7mm insoles for a custom, snug fit. A full-length side YKK zipper helps you quickly get in and out of them and has a waterproof gusset on the inside.

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Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Hunting Sock

Darn Tough’s burliest hunting sock surrounds your feet with heavy terry loop construction to trap the most heat. When Dad refuses to let the frigid temps keep him indoors, have him reach for these socks. We’ve tested a lot of hunting sock options and these are almost always our favorite pair.

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HME T-Post Fence Step

Getting over fence T-posts sucks, and honestly, it can be dangerous, too. This sturdy aluminum step has a slot to fit any stud on a T-post for a secure place to put your foot and lift yourself over wire fencing. Store it in the included nylon case when not in use. If your dad has a few fences to hop on his way into his favorite hunting spot, he’ll be grateful for the step up.

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