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The Best Flip-Flops for Women of 2024

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Whether you’re looking for cute flip-flops for a beach vacation, the best flip-flops for outdoor adventures, or just the most comfortable flip-flops to run around town, this toe-free footwear can serve multiple purposes. We know it can be hard to pick out shoes online, so our experts have rigorously tested eight styles of flip-flops for women and we have all the inside scoop to share.

Our tester, Brandy Jo Hastings, is a beach-loving outdoor adventurer who lives in Florida and has worn flip-flops for 4 decades. Over the years, Brandy has tried many great ones, but just like Jimmy Buffett in Margaritaville, a few flip-flops have also blown out during use.

Drawing on her personal experience and trial and error, Brandy has prioritized what to look for in women’s flip-flops. She has spent the last 2 months trying multiple styles to determine the best for various situations.

We’ve walked a mile (or 10) in your shoes and thoroughly tested each to share the things we love and don’t love about each. We tested each flip-flop for comfort, traction, and performance in dry and wet situations. We also tested support, style, packability, and versatility. We’ve listed our favorites below and compared each in our comparison chart.

If you haven’t worn flip-flops much or feel overwhelmed by all of the options, check out our in-depth buyer’s guide and FAQ to help you learn what to consider when searching for the best flip-flops for you.

The Best Flip-Flops for Women of 2024

Best Overall Flip-Flops for Women

  • Sizes
  • Strap
    Traditional Y-strap
  • Number of colors available

  • The most number of color options available based on all of the ones we tested

  • Super comfortable for all-day wear

  • Quick drying

  • No break-in period

  • Footbed gets hot when left out in the heat

  • A little squeak when they get wet

Best Budget Flip-Flops for Women

  • Sizes
  • Strap
    Y-strap Hybrid
  • Number of colors available

  • The unique strappy style makes this the most fashionable of the ones we tested

  • Lowest priced flip-flop of the ones we tested

  • Quick-drying straps made from recycled plastic

  • Non-traditional tan lines due to the straps

  • Not as easy to slide on quickly

  • Toe post rubbed between toes

Best Flip-Flops for Women for All-Day Comfort

  • Sizes
  • Strap
    Traditional Y-strap
  • Number of colors available

  • Most comfortable of all of the flip-flops we tested

  • Lining inside of straps provided additional comfort

  • Recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) as a product that is beneficial to foot health

  • A little bulky to pack in a suitcase or throw in a beach bag

  • Footbed gets hot when left in the sun

Best Beach-to-Brunch Flip-Flops for Women

  • Sizes
  • Strap
    Traditional Y-strap
  • Number of colors available

  • Good for those who need a little arch support

  • Thin design makes it easy to pack for your beach vacation

  • Footbed provided great stability when worn in the water

  • There is a break-in period for the straps

  • Not a good option for those with wider feet

Best of the Rest

  • Sizes
  • Strap
  • Number of colors available

  • Largest range of sizes of the flip-flops we reviewed

  • Easy to slide on

  • Good for wide feet

  • Machine washable

  • Lighter colors show dirt easily

  • Not the best for wearing in the water

  • Sizes
  • Strap
    Traditional Y-strap
  • Number of colors available

  • Super comfortable

  • Inner lining under the strap and on the toe post is made from recycled water bottles

  • Dries quickly

  • Has a little squeak when it gets wet

  • Limited color options

  • Sizes
  • Strap
  • Number of colors available

  • Toes are protected from stubbing them on rocks

  • Great traction and foot stability when in the water and crawling over rocks and logs

  • Treated with Eco Anti-Odor for odor control

  • Covered big toe can take awhile to get used to

  • Straps are the slowest to dry of the ones we tested

  • Limited number of color options

Flip-Flops for Women Comparison Chart

How We Tested Flip-Flops for Women

When looking for the best women’s flip-flops, we considered eight styles that varied in price, style, and function. We know that certain flip-flops perform best in certain situations. So, we tested them to see if they held up to their individual advertised strengths.

We also tested them against a variety of standardized criteria to compare all of them thoroughly. We looked for things such as comfort, fit, arch support, tread, stability, and versatility.

We wore each in a variety of conditions: by (and in) the pool, ocean, springs, and rivers, at the beach, fishing, metal detecting, hunting for seashells, walking for extended lengths of time, out and about doing errands, and even trying to escape a rainstorm. We walked on sand, grass, and concrete, and across rocks and boulders. We also tested to see how each performed in and out of the water.

One pair claimed to be machine washable, and we tested that claim. Our tester even set them out in the blazing sun and used an infrared digital thermometer to see which got the hottest. We also discovered which needed break-in time, and we got the blisters so you don’t have to.

Let’s face it — we all love to look cute in our flip-flops, too. We searched for products that worked well when dressed up a bit and looked at the number of color options available for each.

Our primary tester, Brandy Jo Hastings, is a Florida resident who wears flip-flops almost every day of her life. A beach bum, she took these on multiple trips to her favorite Florida beaches: New Smyrna, Vero, and Ponce Inlet. She also took them out to play in some of Florida’s springs and rivers and tested them around the pool.

We worked to see how each pair stood up to the sun, sand, water, and everyday wear and tear. In addition, the flip-flops traveled with her on trips to St. Croix, USVI, and Arkansas.

Brandy wore these flip-flops for 2 months. In addition to rigorous tests, she rotated them through her daily life to see how each handled for extended periods. Days in each pair gave her a good perspective on the best women’s flip-flops. She left no stone unturned when testing these flip-flops, and she even trekked over many rocks and boulders as a part of her testing.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Flip-Flops for Women

The perfect pair of flip-flops is a must for your summer wardrobe. But, finding the perfect pair can be a little nerve-wracking. With so many options, knowing what to consider when shopping for flip-flops can sometimes be difficult. We’ve narrowed down some of the things we’ve learned to pay attention to over the years.

Footwear Use and Application

Before we start shopping for any shoes, including flip-flops, we like to think about how we’ll be using them. Not all flip-flops serve the same purpose. You may be looking for a go-to pair you can wear daily in the yard or running errands. Or, ones that you will be using mostly in the water for aquatic adventures.

You may also want a good pair of flip-flops for post-workout recovery. Or, cute flip-flops to pair with a sundress for a dressier look. Some flip-flops are versatile and perform well in various situations, while others are best for specific uses. First, determine how you will be using your flip-flops. Then, you can see which of the other criteria are most impactful in your final decision.


The straps are one of the most important things to think about when shopping for flip-flops.  They can either rub you the wrong way, or the right way. This is also the most common area to break on flip-flops of lesser quality.

You’ll want to find straps securely mounted into the footbed. Our flip-flop expert had to do the walk of shame years ago when a strap broke free of the footbed of her shoe. She was stuck out in public barefoot with nothing to hold her foot in and no additional shoes in the car. This shouldn’t happen on a quality pair of flip-flops, though.

Don’t be afraid to pull on the straps to see if they seem securely fastened. Some straps also have an inner lining to provide an additional layer of comfort where the strap meets your foot.

There are two main types of straps: the traditional Y-straps and the slides. Hybrid models of each are also available, and they all serve a purpose.


Flip-flops with a Y-strap are the most common ones you will see. With these, you have the most factors to consider. These typically have three points where the straps connect to the footbed of your shoe, with attachment points on either side of your foot .

A final toe post strap goes between your big toe and second toe. These three straps hold your foot in place, so it is essential that you make sure these fit well. If so, you’ll find security and comfort like we felt in the Reef Cushion Breeze.

On flip-flops with a Y-strap, it’s also essential to pay attention to the positioning of the toe post. If the widest part of the toe post is curved between your toes, it will usually be comfortable.

Sometimes, when the thinnest edge of the toe post rubs between your toes, you may feel a little discomfort. This can be especially true when it is wet. But, most shoes made specifically for the water aren’t going to have this design.

You may also find different hybrid variations of the Y-strap. These have the strap between your toes and various configurations of other straps. The Teva Olowahu is an example of this. A strap goes between your two toes but then has multiple straps attached to the footbed at six different points.


These flip-flops do exactly what they say they will: They slide on easily. They differ from the Y-strap in that they don’t have a strap between your toes. The strap attaches to the footbed on either side of your foot. With just one strap holding your foot in place, this is usually a really wide strap.

While you always want to make sure your flip-flops are sized appropriately, it’s especially important when picking out slides. Without the additional strap holding your foot down between your toes, you want to make certain that the strap going across your foot is not too loose.

If it is, it could cause you to slide out of the shoe as easily as you slid into it. Slides can sometimes offer a little more room for wider feet, too. The OOFOS OOahh Slide is the best flip-flop for wide feet out of the ones that we tested.

Slides also have different hybrid models as well. One great example is the Keen Bali Slide. This one does not have a Y-strap that goes between your toes. But, unlike a traditional slide with one strap that goes across the top of your foot and has two points where it attaches to the footbed, this hybrid slide has five points where it attaches to the footbed.

Its covered toe area, which provides protection when adventuring through rougher terrain, is unique. This hybrid takes a slide style and adds more top straps to provide a more secure feel for your feet.

The footbed and sole are the other important factors that can determine the comfort level of your flip-flops. While there’s a rumor floating around that flip-flops aren’t good for your feet, that’s just not true. According to podiatrists, flip-flops with a proper footbed and sole can be good for your feet.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recognizes products found beneficial to foot health. They even offer a Seal of Acceptance for these products. Some of the flip-flops listed on their website include HOKA ORA Recovery Flip, OOFOS OOahh Slides, and the Chaco Classic Flip.

When looking at the footbed, pay attention to see if it has any arch support. Flip-flops that have a contour that follows your foot are going to give you more support and bring more comfort when worn for longer periods of time.

Different flip-flops may feel different to different people depending on their feet. Some have more arch support than others, but even a slight arch is going to make your feet happier than a completely flat footbed. Many people also enjoy the massaging feeling of a textured footbed. This also helps to hold your foot in place when your shoes are wet.


The outer sole may not touch your feet, but it is where the shoe meets your walking surface. And, it’s just as important to your overall comfort. A flip-flop with a grippy textured sole will last longer and be more comfortable. If you’re going to splurge on one feature, this is the one.

Flip-flops with a thin, smooth outer sole are going to wear down quicker. In addition, a thin, smooth sole will offer less stability. One with more traction will prevent you from slipping.

A properly designed sole can also help relieve tired, aching feet. Many are also designed for post-workout recovery.

HOKA is known for the Meta-Rocker (geometry that reduces the height differential between heel and toe to mimic natural gait) in the soles of its athletic shoes, and you’ll find that same unique feature in its HOKA Ora Recovery Flip. These ended up being the most comfortable of the ones we tested. OOFOS is another known for its well-designed soles made from its custom OOfoam.


We love flip-flops immensely. But, one of the most frustrating things for us all is being able to choose the correct size. Unfortunately, most don’t come in half sizes. So, shopping for flip-flops puts you in an endless internal battle over sizing up or sizing down. While each brand is a little different, we always recommend sizing up half a size when in doubt. Most of the time, this is going to be the right fit.

When shopping for flip-flops, it’s important to find the proper length for your foot. Having a flip-flop that is even a bit too short is super aggravating. We don’t like the feeling of our toes or heels hanging off — it is uncomfortable and just doesn’t look nice. Our flip-flop expert’s true shoe size is a half size. And, after many years, she’s realized that if a half-size is unavailable, she needs to size up.


We enjoy having a flip-flop that is versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. This includes the ability to dress it up or down. While many versatile options have a sportier look, some are sleek enough to dress up.

Our best overall flip-flops for women are the OluKai ‘Ohana. One reason is the versatility that it has for fashion. It’s not dressy or fancy, but it looks nice while still performing well. The Chaco Classic Flip is another one we love that spans both function and fashion.

If you’re looking for one go-to flip-flop, basic colors like black, brown, tan, or white can be great options that will match a variety of outfits. We’ve found that when we find a style we like though, we sometimes have gone back to get more of the same shoe in different colors.

Finding a flip-flop that has a variety of color options to choose from is a perk too. Again, the OluKai ‘Ohana excelled in this area with 16 colors available: most of all, the flip-flops we tested.

Some flip-flops are geared a little more toward fashion than function though, and that’s OK. While flip-flops may be most commonly associated with the beach, there are so many styles available now that in some areas you can also find people wearing flip-flops to work or even in formal situations like weddings. Our flip-flop expert paired the Teva Olowahu with a beachy dress for an island wedding and they were perfect.


Flip-flops are popular to wear to the beach, at the lake or river, or around the pool. Even if you aren’t wearing them in the water, if you’re wearing them near the water, you’ll want to consider how water-friendly they are. Being made of water-resistant materials is one factor, but we consider a couple of other things, too.

Look at the traction on the soles and footbeds to see how much stability you have where your foot meets the shoe and where the shoe meets the earth. A shoe with good tread on the sole will help keep you upright and you’ll be less likely to slip on a slick rock as you are walking along the shoreline.

A flip-flop that also has a textured footbed performs exceptionally well when wet and helps keep your foot from sliding around. Two of the ones we tested that had soles and footbeds that stood up to the waves well were the KEEN Bali Slides and the Chaco Classic Flip.

A couple of other things we look for dry time and the dreaded foot squeak. The footbed will usually dry quicker than the straps, but we found the straps on the Chacos and OluKai ‘Ohana dried really quickly.

Another annoying thing that you may find is that even with water-resistant flip-flops, sometimes you’ll have a little squeak when you walk in them while wet. It’s frustrating, but it doesn’t last forever.

This is another area where the Chaco Classic Flip took the prize, though, because the textured firm footbed didn’t cause any strange noises when we stepped off the water and walked on dry land.


In our years of wearing flip-flops, we’ve learned that a good pair of flip-flops can last long. They also tend to be much more comfortable than super cheap ones, providing a better experience overall. Because of these things, we don’t always buy flip-flops for a cheap price alone.

Paying a little more can sometimes get you a quality pair of shoes that will last for years and in the end, will be cheaper overall since you won’t have to replace them constantly. However, we love a good deal, and finding a good quality pair at a great price is always a good thing, too.

If you’re on a budget, but looking for a quality pair of flip-flops, know that they do exist. Our tester has worn the Reef brand for years, and the Reef Cushion Breeze is a great pick. In comparison to the most expensive flip-flop we tested, this one costs more than 50% less and serves the purpose as an overall, everyday flip-flop.

Style doesn’t have to come at a price either. Of all of the ones we tested, the ones that we thought were the cutest flip-flops were actually the lowest price of all of them. The Teva Olowahu is a fashionable choice, and it costs more than $34.


Flip-flops are a must-have for any warm-weather vacation spot you will be visiting, and you’ll want to bring along at least a couple of pairs on your getaways. We personally like wearing them to the airport since they are so easy to slip on and off when going through TSA. There’s always more in our bag, so we are prepared for any situation.

We love looking for styles that don’t take up too much room in our suitcase and are easy to throw in the beach bag. The Reef Cushion Breeze and OluKai ‘Ohana are thinner styles that are easy to carry along.

The Chaco Classic and Teva Olowahu are other great ones that we like to have in our suitcases. These two combine fashion and function and are perfect for pairing with a little sundress for happy hour after your day in the sun.  

Return Policy

Our hope is that we have geared you up with enough great info that you will choose the best flip-flops for your needs. Sometimes you think about all of the variables, do your research, and then they still arrive damaged or with a manufacturer’s defect. 

They may also arrive and you then realize you need a different size or see that you just don’t love them. It can be helpful to take the return policy into consideration just in case-especially if you are buying them online before trying them on.

You’ll find that many quality flip-flops have pretty good return and exchange policies that allow you to try them out. For example, if the size is a little off or you want a different color, you can exchange your OluKai ‘Ohanas for free exchanges for 30 days.

If you want to give the OOFOS OOahh Slide a shot, you can try them for 30 days and if you don’t love them, you can send them back at no cost. HOKA, who brought us our most comfortable flip-flop on the list, the ORA Recovery Flip, also offers free returns and exchanges within 30 days with no questions asked. The return/exchange policy is even better for HOKA members who get 60 days to try them out, and it’s totally free to become a HOKA member so you can get that privilege.


Many flip-flops don’t come in half sizes, and knowing which way to go when ordering shoes can be difficult. We always recommend sizing up if you normally fall in between a half-size. This will prevent your toes and heels from hanging over the edges. 

Flip-flops with a comfortable footbed with a contour that fits your foot and tread that gives you security where your shoe meets the ground are the best for walking.

You’ll also want to consider the straps’ comfort to ensure they aren’t rubbing your feet as you walk. Our testing found that the HOKA ORA Recovery Flip was the most comfortable flip-flop when walking. HOKA is known for the Meta-Rocker in the soles of its athletic shoes, and you’ll find that same unique feature in its flip-flops. The OluKai ‘Ohana was also very comfortable for walking extended distances.

Many flip-flops can be dressed up and paired with a dress. Our best budget flip-flops for women are the Teva Olowahu flip-flops, which have a cute strappy design that can be paired nicely with a sundress. The Chaco Classic Flip is another great option with a sleek design that can be dressed up. It was named our Best Beach-to-Brunch Flip-flop.   

Slides differ from traditional flip-flops because they omit a Y-strap that goes between your toes. The OOFOS OOahh Slide is a good example of a standard slide that has a wide strap that attaches to either side of the footbed.

Some slides vary in style, though, such as the KEEN Bali Slides, which have straps that attach at five different points of the footbed and cover your big toe. However, these are still considered slides since there is no Y-strap between your toes.

Flip-flops are an excellent option for the beach. They are easy to slip on and off if you want to feel the sand between your toes. These are great items to pack for your trip to the beach. Some perform better in aquatic and terrain situations you may encounter on the beach.

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