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The Elite Survival Systems Core-Defender Belly Band

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Whatever your feelings on belly bands, they have their place, especially in the summer. Lighter clothes, like running shorts and women’s yoga pants, don’t typically offer a lot of support for concealed carry. So, this is where a belly band, like the Core-Defender from Elite Survival Systems, comes in. Not only does it have the capacity for two pistols, but you can also carry extra accessories and magazines.

The Elite Survival Systems Core-Defender Belly Band

Constructed of orthopedic ergonomic elastic, the latex-free Core-Defender is hypoallergenic for those allergic to latex. So, there is less concern about your concealed carry method causing issues while wearing it. In addition, the 4-inch-wide elastic offers ample support and stability for your firearm(s) and accessories.

Featuring a minimal footprint, the Core-Defender has two holster sections, offering strong-side and cross-draw options. However, if you prefer, you can carry your first-line pistol on the strong side and a backup in cross-draw. The holster sections can carry small to large-frame semi-autos or small- to medium-frame revolvers snugly.

In addition to the dual holster sections, the belly band also includes three additional rear compartments. As a result, you can carry extra magazines and accessories like a flashlight, knife, etc. Likewise, the dual elastic design creates openings around the entire belt that you could place other items (with a belt clip) inside of.

The Core-Defender belly band is available in your choice of black or tan. However, with the low MSRP, you could get both colors to fit any attire and remain undetected. Ensuring the proper fit for any user, the belly band is available in six different sizes:

  • X-Small – 24″-27″
  • Small – 28″-32″
  • Medium – 33″-36″
  • Large – 37″-40″
  • X-Large – 41″-45″
  • XX-Large – 46″-50″

Editor’s Note:

Belly bands are a great way to carry concealed during warmer months when clothing options won’t support a holster. However, carrying anything over a small frame pistol could begin to weigh it down. Especially if you are also carrying extra mags or any kind of accessories.

For this reason, if you plan to carry larger framed pistols and accessories, you might want to shore it up. One solution is to use suspenders to keep it in place properly. But if you are carrying a lighter load, your hips should be plenty enough to secure it.


The Elite Survival Systems Core-Defender belly band is available now, with an MSRP of $34.95. For more info, please visit EliteSurvival.com.

Elite Survival Systems Core-Defender Belly Band Features

  • Constructed of orthopedic ergonomic elastic (latex free)
  • Strong-side and cross-draw holster sections
  • Ambidextrous
  • Fits small to large frame autos and small to medium frame revolvers
  • Three additional rear compartments to hold mags, flashlight, handcuffs, etc.
  • Belly band concealment holster is available in black or tan
  • Available in six sizes
  • Belly wrap holster made in the USA
  • MSRP – $34.95

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