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Olight Releases the Osight Rechargeable Red Dot Sight

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Olight is best known for flashlights of all sorts, although they do have a line of knives and tools also. If you’ve been in the online gun community for more than a minute, you’ll know their lights are a bit controversial due to a light exploding a number of years back. It was more likely than not a CR123A battery issue rather than a light issue, but the internet never lets facts get in the way of a good meme, or lets a bad reputation die. With that out of the way, there are plenty of Olight users walking around with all their fingers and lights that have never exploded. I have a number of Olights I’ve used over the years, and even used them on duty at various points in my career. If you can get past the internet scorn, their newest product is pretty interesting, the Osight 3 MOA red-dot weapons sight.

Lots of companies make red-dot sights these days, and many are pretty similar in form and features. The Osight is something different though. At a glance it has a typical mini-reflex sight format. It has a 3 MOA red or green dot (there are two different models) and a 70,000-hour battery life on the low setting. It has a shake awake system for further battery savings, and you can chose between a fixed brightness or auto sensing brightness levels. It has a good sized 0.94 x 0.85-inch window, which should make finding that big 3 MOA dot even easier. It uses a standard RMR mounting footprint and an optional Picatinny rail mount is available. Olight says they’ve done 10,000-round field tests with it, and it’s been used by competition shooters. So far so good, but nothing super unusual. Here’s where it gets interesting.


The thing that makes the Osight stand out is the internal, rechargeable battery. Changing batteries in mini red-dot sights can be a pain, especially with designs that require you to remove the sight to swap batteries. Well with the Osight, you’ll never need to. It has an internal rechargeable battery that’s charged by means of a charging hood. The charging hood looks like a slightly chunky sight cover and can just be left on the sight when the gun isn’t in use, or just thrown on when you need to charge the site. The hood has its own battery and has enough juice to charge the Osight three times. It’s rechargeable using a standard USB C cable. The Osight has a battery meter built in that shows the charge level, too, so you never need to guess if you need to top off.

Am I going to run out and grab an Osight and slap it on my duty gun? No, probably not. It’s still brand new, and I’d like to see how it performs long term. With that said, I love the idea of not having to buy batteries, and the charging set up looks easy. The base features like the window and dot size and battery life are good, too. I’d definitely be willing to give one a try on one of my range guns. MSRP on the red-dot version is $199.99 although Olight has the Osight on sale for $159.99 right now. The green dot runs a bit more at $229.99 MSRP and $183.99 on sale.

Osight Keys

  • Industry’s First Magnetic Charging Cover: Osight introduces a pioneering magnetic charging cover featuring a battery display that reveals the precise battery levels for both the cover and the optic, making uncertainty certain. (70,000+ hours runtime on lowest mode, 17+ days on the brightest mode, extended to 70+ days with the charging cover.)
  • 3 MOA in Large Window: Boasting a 0.94 x 0.85-inch lens, this optic ensures precise targeting even amidst recoil. The 3 MOA dot stands out clearly for quick and accurate dot acquisition.
  • Unwavering Zero: Following a rigorous 10,000-round field test, Osight maintains zero calibration successfully, never lose your accuracy.
  • Motion & Light Sensor: Turns off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity, wakes up in an instant. The auto-sensing mode chooses the best brightness for you, with 10 daylight levels and 2 night levels in manual mode and lockout mode, catering comprehensively to all usage scenarios.
  • Most Common Footprint: By adopting the most common industry-standard mounting footprint (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) for optic cuts, Osight ensures versatility and ease of integration.

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