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Get Your Plink On: 4 Faxon Firearms in the FX22 .22 LR Line

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Faxon Firearms recently released its FX22 lineup of .22 LR firearms constructed of high-quality components. As a result, shooters will enjoy an enhanced rimfire shooting experience that can be passed down for generations. Available in four different models—three rifles and a pistol—the FX22 line has the right option for your situational requirements.

The Faxon Firearms FX22 .22 LR Line

The FX22 line is built from the ground up, combining Faxon’s popular barrels, bolts, and receiver sets with industry-leading stocks, chassis, and accessories. The end result is an excellent rimfire shooting experience for target shooting, plinking, or small game hunting. Not to mention savings in ammo costs and availability.

The line offers you a choice between three different rifles and a pistol. Sharing many of the same characteristics throughout the line, each one also bears its own unique components. This provides shooters with a platform selection based on personal requirements and budget.

All four firearms feature a 6061-T6 aluminum receiver with a black hardcoat anodized finish and Picatinny rail for attaching optics and other accessories. Likewise, 416-R stainless barrels—chambered in .22 LR—with black nitride finish, 1:16 twist, and Sporter chamber promote enhanced accuracy. Correspondingly, a 1/2×28 muzzle thread pitch allows for the attachment of muzzle devices or a suppressor.

Featuring a 17-4 stainless steel bolt and round firing pin profile, the FX22 line boasts a reliable ignition. Likewise, the side Tandemkross Spartan Skeletonized Charging Handle provides for quick and easy charging. Rounds are sent downrange from the included 25-round magazine via the Ruger BX-Trigger with a light, crisp 2.75-pound trigger pull.

FX22 Model-Specific Components

The rifle with GBMFG chassis features a Grey Birch MFG “La Chassis” aluminum stock/chassis with a skeletonized buttstock. Ensuring the perfect fit, the stock includes an adjustable length of pull butt end and adjustable cheek riser. In addition, the rifle includes a 16-inch medium-fluted barrel.

(Photo by Faxon Firearms)

Likewise, the pistol also features the Grey Birch MFG “La Chassis” aluminum chassis, only without the buttstock. However, Grey Birch MFG offers the buttstock separately, which can be installed via the integrated Picatinny stock mount. The pistol also includes an 8.5-inch patented flame-fluted barrel.

The Faxon Firearms FX22 .22 LR Line.
(Photo by Faxon Firearms)

The rifle with Magpul stock features the Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock in black reinforced polymer. The stock features three M-Lok slots on the forend and multiple sling attachment points. An ergonomic grip, adjustable length of pull, and comb height provide the perfect fit for any shooter. The rifle includes a 16-inch straight fluted bull barrel, for enhanced accuracy.

The Faxon Firearms FX22 .22 LR Line.
(Photo by Faxon Firearms)

Finally, the rifle with Hogue stock features the Hogue Rubber Overmolded stock with texturing on the grip and forend. As a result, the rifle offers secure retention during courses of fire. Additionally, the rifle features a 16-inch pencil barrel with a clean profile.

The Faxon Firearms FX22 .22 LR Line.
(Photo by Faxon Firearms)


The Faxon FX22 line is available now, with MSRPs of $750.00 – $1,400.00, depending on model. For more info, please visit FaxonFirearms.com.

Shared Faxon FX22 Line Specs

Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
Action Type: Semi-Automatic
Barrel Finish: Black Nitride
Barrel Material:
416-R Stainless
Twist rate: 1:16  
Barrel Finish: Black Nitride
Chamber type: Sporter
Muzzle thread pitch: 1/2×28
Included magazine capacity: 25 Rounds
Receiver Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Receiver Finish: Black Hardcoat Anodize
Picatinny Rail: Integrated 0-MOA
Bolt Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Firing Pin Profile: Round
Charging Handle: Tandemkross® Spartan Skeletonized Charging Handle
Trigger: Ruger® BX-Trigger®
Trigger Pull Weight: ~2.75 LBS

Rifle, GBMFG Chassis, 16″ Barrel (Black, Medium Fluted) Specs

Stock/Chassis: Grey Birch MFG “La Chassis” 
Barrel length and profile: 16” Medium Fluted
Weight: 4.5 LBS
Length: 33.75
Height: 6.75
Width: 2.5″
Stock/Chassis Material: Aluminum
Barrel Length: 16″
MSRP: $1,400.00

Pistol, GBMFG Chassis, 8″ Barrel (Black, Medium Fluted)

Stock/Chassis: Grey Birch MFG “La Chassis” 
Barrel length and profile: 8.5” Patented Flame Fluted
Weight: 3.2 LBS
Length: 16.5″
Height: 6.75″
Width: 2.5″
Stock/Chassis Material: Aluminum
Barrel Length: 8″
MSRP: $1,200.00

Rifle, Hogue® stock (Black), 16″ Pencil Barrel (Black)

Stock/Chassis: Hogue® Rubber Overmolded
Barrel length and profile: 16” Pencil
Weight: 4.5 LBS
Length: 34.5″
Height: 5″
Width: 2.75″
Stock/Chassis Material: Synthetic
Barrel Length: 16″
MSRP: $750.00

Rifle, Magpul stock (Black), 16″ Fluted Bull Barrel (Black)

Stock/Chassis: Magpul® Hunter X-22 Stock (Black)
Barrel length and profile: 16” Straight Fluted Bull Barrel (Black)
Weight: 6.1 LBS
Length: 34.25″
Height: 7″
Width: 2.75″
Stock/Chassis Material: Synthetic
Barrel Length: 16″
MSRP: $900.00

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