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Best Semi-Automatic Shotguns of 2023

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 Have you ever wanted to empty a half dozen rounds of 12-gauge in just a couple of seconds?

If you’ve been involved with firearms for any length of time, you’ve probably shot break-action or pump-action shotguns, but what about semi-automatic shotguns?

Benelli M4

For many of us, shotguns are some of the first firearms we were introduced to.

Indeed they make excellent guns for everything from training beginners to providing the ultimate home defense protection.

12ga Shotgun Shells, Opened (L to R: Bird, Buck, Slug)
12ga Shotgun Shells, Opened (L to R: Bird, Buck, Slug)

They even see a good bit of use in modern militaries (and games).

Doom shotgun versus demon

We’re going to dig into just why you would want a semi-automatic shotgun, the pitfalls, and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Summary of Our Top Picks

Table of Contents


The Birth of the Semi-Auto Shotty

Before we go into modern semi-automatic shotguns, let’s have a look at the prototype, the grandpappy, the Godfather of all modern semi-automatic shotguns: the Browning Auto-5.

Browning Auto 5
Browning Auto 5

While it would eventually go on to revolutionize the shooting world, it was about as reliable as a broken clock when it was first released, and no one really trusted it.

Eventually, though, Browning ironed out the kinks, and soon the public fell in love with it. And for good reason.

It turns out that having several rounds of 12-gauge buckshot on tap can be a really useful thing.

Federal FliteControl shell, dissected
The components of a buckshot shell.

The Auto-5 is a recoil-operated shotgun, just like many you’ll see on our recommendation list.

This means that the gun uses energy from the recoil to eject the used shell and cycle a new one into the chamber.

Modern Semi-Autos Shotguns

It wasn’t that long ago that there was only a handful of reputable semi-auto shotguns on the market.

Big companies like Browning, Mossberg, and Remington produced them, but they never caught on…until now.

Demand rose, quality improved, and prices dropped. Action-shooting athletes in competitions like 3-Gun benefit greatly from the high fire rate of a semi-auto.

You can even catch these semi-auto bad guy dispatchers in movies like the recently released John Wick 2.

Keanu Reeves in John Wick 2
Both John Wick and Keanu Reeves know a thing or two about guns.

How Does a Semi-Auto Shotgun Work?

The pump-action shotgun you’re probably more familiar with works by having the user manually slide the forend — where you cock the gun.

This uses a spring-operated mechanism to simultaneously eject a spent cartridge and load a fresh one.

Pump-action shotgun cutaway
Pump-action in action.

A semi-automatic shotgun, on the other hand, does the same thing automatically and can cycle through cartridges in one of two ways:

  1. Through a gas system…think something similar to the AR-15.
  2. Through inertia – aka, recoil-operated.

While both gas and recoil-powered systems use energy for the same function — reloading the shotgun — they go about it in different ways.

Gas-powered shotguns take high-pressure gas released after firing and use it to cycle ammo, while recoil-operated shotguns utilize kinetic energy instead.

Semi-automatic shotgun slow-mo
Semi-automatics are more fun, anyway.

Even though gas-operated reloading systems have been widely used for various automatic and semiautomatic weapons over the years, recoil operation was historically favored in shotguns. 

Pros/Cons of Semi-Autos

Now that we’ve covered the basics of recoil and gas-operated shotguns let’s look at how semi-automatic shotguns measure up to more traditional shotguns.

Pump-Action Shotgun Advantages

  • Typically cheaper retail price.
  • A simple design that’s easier to clean, assemble, and disassemble.
  • As a rule, they’re less likely to fail.
  • Not picky about ammo.

Pump-Action Shotgun Disadvantages

  • They have a significantly slower rate of fire in inexperienced hands.
  • Can be difficult to shoot with an injured hand.
  • More recoil.
  • Can be short-stroked, especially in a high-stress scenario, which causes a malfunction that can be difficult to clear.
Shotgun malfunction
Simulating a shotgun malfunction

Semi-Automatic Shotgun Advantages

Semi-automatic shotguns are great for competitions and tactical situations, especially for beginners who might struggle to keep their target engaged while cycling rounds with a pump.

  • While one-hand shooting is not recommended, it’s at least fairly possible with a semi-automatic shotgun. With that said, I wouldn’t advise doing it unless you were in an emergency situation.
  • Generally speaking, the kick of a semi-automatic isn’t as strong, especially with those that use a gas system.
  • Semi-automatic shotguns have a much faster rate of fire than their manual counterparts, given similar operator ability

To get an idea of how fast one can shoot with a semi-automatic shotgun, check out this video:

Semi-Automatic Shotgun Disadvantages

  • A more complex design makes them heavier and difficult to clean, especially for beginners.
  • Semi-automatic shotguns have a higher likelihood of jamming than pump and break-action shotguns.
  • Many can’t reliably cycle low-powered ammo, like some low-brass birdshot.
12ga Birdshot, Opened
12ga Birdshot, Opened

Pump-Action vs. Semi-Auto

It really all depends on what you’re looking for.

Do you want something that’s more affordable and less likely to fail, or do you want a shotgun that can cycle through shells faster and put more rounds on target?

Remington 870 (17)
Remington 870 shotguns

In general, we recommend semi-autos for sport shooting, such as 3-Gun or trap shooting, and pump-actions for those looking for a more affordable shooting experience or those who want the guaranteed reliability that a pump-action brings.

Benelli M4 (bottom) and Mossberg 500 (top)
Mossberg 500 (top), Benelli M4 (bottom)

With that being said, shotgun technology over the years has improved. This means that semi-automatic shotguns are becoming more reliable, making them great for self-defense situations.

For more on this debate, check out our article dedicated to the drama that is Pump vs Semi.

Are Semi-Automatic Shotguns Good for New Gun Owners?

The operation of a semi-auto shotgun is simpler than any manually operated shotgun.

All a shooter is required to do is initially charge the weapon via a charging handle. After that, the gun will run itself until it’s empty.

Benelli M4 Loading
Benelli M4

Once it’s empty, the majority of semi-auto shotgun bolts will lock to the rear, giving even the most novice of shooters a clear visual, auditory, and tactile sign that their gun is empty.

When a pump-action shotgun is empty, there is no immediate tactile or audible feedback to let you know.

Shotgun Tactics Pump Action
With a pump, you gotta do the hard work.

The only way to know is to count your rounds, or when it goes click on an empty chamber.

All of this combines to make semi-autos an excellent choice for new gun owners.

Just make sure you read the manual to understand proper cleaning and lubrication, as well as your gun’s recommended ammo and malfunction-clearing procedures.

Me reading the manual.

Best Semi-Automatic Shotguns

Of course, any time you use the word “best” to describe anything, someone somewhere is going to disagree with you, and that’s to be expected here.

That said, these are the guns we’ve tested and used ourselves. So, we feel confident recommending them to you.

Multiple Shotguns with Optics
We enjoy giving you the recs!

Note: Many, if not most, of these shotguns can easily fill multiple roles, so be sure to give all of them a look before you decide to buy.

Semi-automatic shotguns are perfect for hunting and are commonly used to take all varieties of game birds, as well as hogs, deer, and other medium to large game.

1. Benelli M4 

The Rolls Royce of shotguns, the Benelli M4 is also the armored Humvee, fire truck, and Ferrari of shotguns.

Benelli M4
Benelli M4

It can do anything, anytime, anywhere, and has seen success in home defense, competition, and hunting scenarios.

It should come as no surprise that the M4 is the U.S. Marines M1014 Joint Service shotgun and has been on combat missions on six continents. Not to mention it’s a favorite in countless video games.

While Benelli is known for inertia-based guns, the Benelli M4 uses an auto-regulating gas operating system.

The ARGO system is cleaner and more reliable over long periods of shooting.

The Benelli M4 is a proper combat shotgun with ghost ring adjustable sights and an optics mount.

Benelli M4 (7)

Oh, and it works phenomenally in a hunting environment.

The worst thing about this shotgun is the MSRP of $2,000.

Best High-End Semi-Auto


at Gunprime

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Want to learn more? See our full hands-on review here.

With our YouTube review below:

Got one already and want to fully upgrade your M4? Check out our Best Benelli M4 Upgrades article.

2. Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical

The Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical is an excellent choice for home defense, holding 8+1 shells.

It features a cylinder choke bore and an 18.5-inch barrel length.

Mossberg 930 Tactical
There’s a whole lot of sexy wrapped up in a package like this.

This shotgun is an extremely functional shotgun with a very reliable gas system.

One note: it can have problems cycling low-brass shells, so make sure you’re using high-brass self-defense loads like these awesome Winchester Super-X or these Federal Power Shok.

We have a whole hands-on review of the 930 SPX Tactical that you should take a look at. But it boils down to simply…it’s awesome.

It will serve you and your family very well. Plus, it looks sleek as hell.

Best for Home Defense


at GrabAGun

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

3. Stoeger M3500

The Stoeger M3500 inertia-driven shotgun that’s an all-around solid hunting system.

Stoeger m3500

Designed more for waterfowl, upland game birds, and turkey, with the right choke, it’s also an excellent deer slayer.

The gun has interchangeable chokes, three different barrel lengths, and a ribbed barrel.

It can handle shells from 2 3/4- to 3 1/2-inch magnums reliably and is fitted with fiber optic sights and a shim kit to make the stock a little longer.

A Stoeger M3500 has an MSRP of $679 and can be found cheaper if you shop around.

Best Budget Semi-Auto (Hunting)


at Gunprime

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

4. Browning A5

Starting its legendary life as the creation of John Browning, the A5 was the first semi-auto shotgun to make it to the mass market.

It’s also a thing of beauty.

Editor David's Browning Auto 5, made by FN in 1953
Browning Auto 5, made by FN in 1953

The new and improved A5 comes with modern technology and the same vintage look

The A5 has the same vintage look and style that made the old Auto-5 models popular but is significantly lighter and is built with a recoil system called Kinematic Drive. This removes the need to manually choose between light or heavy loads.

The modern A5 is a smooth shooting and looking shotty.

Overall, the Browning A5 is an excellent reboot of a classic shotgun and is great for hunters and competitive shooters alike.


at Gunprime

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

What do you think of the Browning A5? Give it a rating below!

5. Beretta 1301 Tactical

In a word…sleek. The Beretta 1301 Tactical 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun is capable of firing full-power and reduced-power loads.

Beretta 1301 Tactical Shooting
Beretta 1301 Tactical

When it comes to making shotguns that are dependable and ergonomically designed, few manufacturers can compete with Beretta.

This innovative feature sets this series apart from other autoloading shotguns and makes this gun perfect for tactical situations, including home defense and crowd control.

Beretta 1301 Tactical
Beretta 1301 Tactical

It has an 18.5-inch barrel that’s perfect for tactical-style shooting.

With that said, if you’re in the market for a shotgun that’s dependable and perfect for home defense, the 1301 Tactical is a strong contender.

Best Combat Shotgun


at Bereli

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Check out our full video review below or head to our Beretta 1301 Tactical article to learn more!

6. Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical

Effectively a more refined 930, the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical is an evolution stemming from feedback from pro shooters like Jerry Miculek as well as shooters like us who buy and modify guns.

All the improvements make sense, and the gun’s performance is outstanding. It features a capacity of 7+1 with improvements over the 930 platform.

The buttstock pad feels much improved, providing good grip on the shoulder as well as cushion for recoil. Mossberg added an extended elevator and removed the notch that always seems to catch our digits when loading.

In the same area, Mossberg enlarged the loading port by beveling the edges. The improved gas system softens recoil and is supposed to run cleaner than previous versions. And we love that the barrel clamp now has an M-LOK slot for accessories.

Oh, and did we mention it’s also compatible with the Shield RMSc footprint?

All in all, the 940 Pro Tactical is a great option for those looking for a modern semi-auto.

Most Modern Semi-Auto


at Guns.com

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Check out the video review below or catch up on the deets in the written review.

7. Benelli M2

When it comes to tactical shotguns, you know that Benelli is a name you can trust. Benelli’s M2 is no exception.

This excellent semi-automatic shotgun comes in three stock configurations: Pistol Grip, Standard, and Benelli’s fabulous ComforTech stock that dramatically reduces felt recoil.

Benelli M2 (3)
Benelli M2

Like with all Benelli models, the M2 is praised for being a dependable semi-automatic shotgun.

When fitted with ComforTech technology, shooters will experience nearly 50% less recoil, which can make competition shooting much more comfortable.

Benelli M2 (4)

Check it out in action in our editor’s 3-Gun M2 setup:

It is also relatively lightweight and comes in a Benelli’s special wet/dry finish to ensure comfortable, safe handling in all conditions, making it ideal for rigorous competition or home defense.

Best for 3-Gun


at Kygunco

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

8. IWI TS12

Want something a little out of the box? Then the IWI TS12 is the gun that certainly fills that niche.

A combination of bullpup meets semi-auto shotgun, this semi-auto, gas-powered shotgun kinda looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi flick.

Tavor Shotgun whole shotty

It sports an 18.5-inch barrel and uses Beretta/Benelli chokes, plus it brings plenty of M-LOK space to mount accessories.

Downside…it doesn’t run reliably all the time. We saw failures to eject and failures to load — in short, it’s very picky about ammo.

Tavor Shotgun shooting!

That said, it’s a really fun gun to run, and if you prefer style over functionality or just want something fun to shoot at the range, the IWI TS12 fits that bill.


at Kygunco

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Read more about this space-age shotgun in our review!

9. Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol

So, you want a reliable tactical shotgun from a big-name company but don’t want to shell out $1400-$2000? We get that.

Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol_08
Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol

Apparently, Beretta got that memo too and brought us the gas-operated A300 Ultima Patrol.

The A300 Ultima Patrol takes many design cues from its older brother, the 1301.

It is a light shotgun at only 7.1 pounds, and features enlarged controls, QD sling points, M-LOK slots on the forend, a Picatinny rail on top, and some excellent ghost ring sights.

Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol_08
This shotgun is ready to rock right out of the box.

To help keep the cost down, the A300 lacks a few internal features of the 1301. It uses a standard bolt head instead of a rotating one, the barrel is not cold hammer-forged, and it does not feature the 1301’s Blink gas system.

Even without some of the niceties of 1301, the A300 Ultima Patrol is a fast, reliable shotgun that represents outstanding value at its price point.

Most Modern Semi Auto


at Bereli

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

You can see for yourself in our full review or watch the video below!

Final Thoughts

When you consider that semi-autos don’t usually kick as hard as pump-action shotguns, it’s not difficult to see why they’re a great choice for beginner shooters, and the extra rounds and boost to fire rate make them a great choice for veteran shooters as well.

Benelli M4 Thunder Ranch

The most important thing to remember when owning a semi-automatic shotgun is maintenance.

A well-maintained autoloader will be much less likely to fail, especially if it’s a gas-operated version.

So the real question is, what type of semi-automatic shotgun do you plan on getting? Let us know in the comments below! How about feeding the beast? We cover that in Best Shotgun Ammo.

Read the full article here

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