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Wheelgun Wednesday: Magnum Research BFR in 360 Buckhammer

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Photo credit: Magnum Research

The long-cylinder models of Magnum Research’s Biggest Finest Revolver are not only available chambered in the largest handgun cartridges such as the .460 and .500 Smith & Wesson Magnums but also in rifle cartridges. Particularly, the BFR is offered in the following lever gun cartridges: .30-30 Winchester, .444 Marlin, .450 Marlin, and .45-70 Government. Well, apparently a wheelgun shooting a lever gun cartridge is a viable concept as Magnum Research keeps up with the new cartridge developments in the lever action rifle world and has recently announced that the BFR revolver will be available chambered in Remington’s new 360 Buckhammer cartridge. Let’s take a look at the Magnum Research BFR in 360 Buckhammer.

Magnum Research @ TFB:

Magnum Research is thrilled to announce the first handgun to be offered in Remington’s exciting new .360 Buckhammer cartridge! With unrivaled ballistic performance in its class, the .360 Buckhammer is optimized to deliver effective performance and a drop that is ideal across common hunting ranges. This straight walled cartridge is built with high quality Remington components for reliable ignition, and a Core-Lokt .358 caliber bullet delivering both weight retention and controlled-expansion.

Photo credit: Magnum Research

The 360 Buckhammer BFRs are fitted with 10″ barrels and plow handle style black rubber grips. They feature fixed front and adjustable rear sights, and have a polished stainless steel finish. The overall length of 10″ barreled BFRs is 17.5″, and the cylinder diameter is 1.75″. At the time of writing, there is no information on the weight, capacity and price of the BFR in 360 Buckhammer. BFRs in 30-30 Winchester in a comparable configuration are 6-shot revolvers weighing 5.3 lbs and have an MSRP of $1413.

Photo credit: Magnum Research

The .360 Buckhammer (360 BHMR) cartridge was introduced by Remington Ammunition at SHOT Show 2023. It’s a .358 caliber straight-walled cartridge created by necking up and blowing out the .30-30 Winchester case. Remington currently offers two loads of the 360 Buckhammer cartridge with 180-grain and 200-grain Core-Lokt soft point bullets. These loads have muzzle velocities of 2400 and 2200 feet per second. Although test barrel length can’t be found on Remington’s website, these are likely velocities from a 20″ barrel which is the SAAMI test barrel length, so they will be lower in a 10″ revolver. For more information on 360 Buckhammer, visit Remington’s webpage dedicated to this new cartridge. To download the SAAMI specs of the 360 Buckhammer cartridge, click here.

Photo credit: Remington Ammunition

Tell us in the comments section what you think about the BFR in 360 Buckhammer and rifle caliber Biggest Finest Revolvers in general. Do you think they will be most useful as companion sidearms to rifles chambered in the same cartridges or as primary firearms for handgun hunting?

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