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T&C’s 1873 Winchester in 9mm! — NRA 2024

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At NRAAM 2024, True showcased a standout prototype: an 1873 Winchester, revamped by Taylor’s and Company and now chambered in 9mm.

This classic rifle, upgraded with a tubular magazine that holds 10 rounds, blends historical allure with modern functionality.

The rifle features a threaded barrel for suppressor attachment and is equipped with iron sights that include fiber optics for enhanced visibility.

Its case-colored finish and walnut stock highlight its gorgeous traditional craftsmanship.

But the real talk of the show is the rifle’s action—described by True as one of the smoothest he’s ever handled. The lever action is light and fast, perfect for those who value a quick, reliable cycle.

Priced with hopes under $2,000, Taylor’s and Company aim to make this 9mm version of the 1873 Winchester accessible to those of us who appreciate a rifle that can share ammo with the most common handgun caliber in America.

Keep an eye on GunsAmerica for a full review of this prototype as it moves to production. Let us know in the comments if you think this rifle is as cool as True does!

Learn more HERE.

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