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S&Tinc Shocker – Paintball Style Double Trigger

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Stuff and Things Inc. (S&Tinc) is a designer and manufacturer of firearm upgrades. They are the ones behind the bullpup AK kit. Well, they have come out with something we saw over a decade ago, a paintball-styled double trigger for an AR-15 platform. S&Tinc calls it the Shocker.

AR Triggers @ TFB:

Photo by S&Tinc

The Shocker by S&Tinc is not a standard trigger. Instead, it is an activator and something you attach to your mil-spec AR and it actuates the mil-spec trigger. S&Tinc makes two versions of the Shocker – curved and flat-faced.

Photo by S&Tinc

Photo by S&Tinc

For those of you who did not play paintball, like me, here is a video explaining how a paintball double trigger works.

Photo by Tippman

Shocker trigger installed

Photo by S&Tinc

The S&Tinc Shocker is a little different. Since the pivot point is in-between the two triggers and I assume it is manipulating some sort of toggle that presses on the actual trigger. I wonder if this increases trigger pull? Perhaps the design of the Shocker has some mechanical advantage to mitigate this increase? On a traditional paintball trigger, it looks like they are just extended triggers. So pulling the lower section with your middle finger has the mechanical advantage of leverage. Curious how the Shocker will feel when you pull it with your middle finger. One concern is that pulling an AR trigger fast it is possible to outrun the bolt and release the hammer too soon, thus creating a failure-to-fire malfunction. I have experienced this with a Franklin Armory binary trigger in an AR.

I asked S&Tinc about the triggers this is compatible with. They only designed it around a mil-spec trigger. They have tested aftermarket triggers and it did not work with the Franklin Armory binary trigger they tried it on.

The Shocker retails for just $99 on their website. They do restrict sales to some states since those states have some wording about devices that increase the rate of fire. Until they have legal confirmation they are staying safe but not shipping it to those banned states. For more information go to their website.

Read the full article here

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