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Anti-2A Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s Bodyguard Shoots Carjacker in D.C.

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U. S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is no friend of the Second Amendment. She joined Justice Breyer’s dissent in both McDonald v. Chicago and NYSRPA v. Bruen. While a judge in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, she upheld a New York state ban on mere nunchakus in Maloney v. Cuomo. 

The elitist interpretation of the Second Amendment is, “guns for me, but not for thee.” The few legal guns the government “allows” can be used to protect an elite’s life but not the hoi polloi’s, who are legally restricted from keeping and bearing arms. 

The elitist gun scenario unfolded a few days ago in Washington D.C. as Justice Sotomayor’s U.S. Marshal bodyguard shot a carjacker (archived):

Sonia Sotomayor saved from danger: Supreme Court Justice’s bodyguard shoots gun-wielding suspect who tried to steal his car outside her DC home
By Josh Boswell and Peter Semler for DailyMail.com

A teenage suspect was shot by US Marshals on Friday after allegedly attempting to carjack Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s federal bodyguards outside her home, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

Metropolitan Police Department confirmed it was investigating a shooting that took place in the Northwest Washington, DC. where two marshals were on-duty working ‘a protective detail’ in the early hours of July 5. 

A Deputy US Marshal was sitting in his car outside the top judge’s condominium at 1:15am when 18-year-old Kentrell Flowers approached, pointed a handgun at him, and tried to steal his vehicle, according to a police report obtained by DailyMail.com.

Local police issued a press release about the incident last week, but did not mention its connection to Sotomayor.

This defensive gun use involved multiple defenders:

‘The suspect exited a vehicle, approached one of the Marshals, and pointed a handgun at him in an apparent attempt to carjack him,’ a DC Metropolitan Police Department press release said.

‘The Marshal drew his service weapon and fired several shots at the suspect. A second Marshal from another vehicle also responded and fired his service weapon.

US Deputy Marshals were on-duty working a protective detail near Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s DC home on Friday when the incident unfolded, police said 

‘The suspect was transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. No law enforcement officers were injured.’

Flowers, 18, was arrested and charged with armed carjacking, carrying a pistol without a license, and possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device.

Washington D.C. has numerous gun laws on its books that hassle ordinary citizens;. For example, The Reload founder Stephen Gutowski, one of the best reporters on firearms-related topics, has described in his podcast all the hoops he had to jump through to get a Washington D.C. concealed carry permit, and about how he is limited to carrying a gun with a 10-round magazine in D.C.

The violent criminal who attempted to carjack Sotomayor’s U.S. Marshal bodyguard, just like every other violent criminal, missed the entire set of laws about how to legally carry and what equipment and magazine size he is allowed to carry.

This incident is not the first high-profile carjacking in D.C.:

On November 12, 2023 Secret Service agents stationed outside the home of President Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi opened fire on two teens who were fleeing after allegedly stealing over $1,000 of gear from a black Ford Expedition ‘used for members of the first family’, according to court documents.

Robert Kemp, 19, was arrested on February 7. A 14-year-old male accomplice was arrested later that month after a separate alleged armed carjacking.

An affidavit from a Secret Service agent says the boy was wearing a court-ordered GPS ankle bracelet during the theft from Naomi’s car.

Last October, Congressman Henry Cuellar was carjacked at gunpoint near his DC home by three armed robbers in knit caps and ski masks.

Sotomayor has a strong tendency to rubber-stamp gun control. This is what Justice Breyer’s dissent in NYSRPA v. Bruen, which Justice Sotomayor joined, says (Spoiler Alert: it cites the misleading “Gun Violence” Archive AND the Giffords/Everytown lie that lumps in 18- and 19-year-olds to inflate numbers):

JUSTICE BREYER, with whom JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR and JUSTICE KAGAN join, dissenting. In 2020, 45,222 Americans were killed by firearms. […] Since the start of this year (2022), there have been 277 reported mass shootings—an average of more than one per day. See Gun Violence Archive (last visited June 20, 2022), […] Gun violence has now surpassed motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of death among children and adolescents. […] 

Many States have tried to address some of the dangers of gun violence just described by passing laws that limit, in various ways, who may purchase, carry, or use firearms of different kinds. The Court today severely burdens States’ efforts to do so. It invokes the Second Amendment to strike down a New York law regulating the public carriage of concealed handguns.

Washington D.C.’s laws regulating the public carriage of concealed handguns didn’t do anything here. That’s obvious and expected by most people who don’t have a J.D. from a high-profile law school.

Sotomayor also joined Breyer’s dissent in McDonald v. Chicago, which is astronomically worse than the dissent in Bruen:

In sum, the Framers did not write the Second Amendment in order to protect a private right of armed self-defense. There has been, and is, no consensus that the right is, or was, “fundamental.” No broader constitutional interest or principle supports legal treatment of that right as fundamental. To the contrary, broader constitutional concerns of an institutional nature argue strongly against that treatment.

It’s 100% consistent with Sotomayor’s reading of the Second Amendment that her own bodyguards can carry guns, while you and I cannot. 

Luckily for Sotomayor, she was not in the car when the attempted carjacking took place. What if she was? Luckily for the bodyguard, he was able to respond fast and shoot the assailant. What if that wasn’t the case?

After several high-profile carjackings like this, at what point will elite congressmen and members of the judiciary realize that gun control is futile and only disarms the law-abiding? Although I hope for a change in their opinions, I’m not holding my breath.

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