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Solo Stove Launches Outdoor ‘Movie Night’: Screen Chairs, Popcorn Maker, and More

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Fire pits were just the beginning. While Solo Stove first wowed us in the 20-teens with its hallmark smokeless campfire magic, it has since expanded again and again into new, loosely fire-related territory (think patio heaters, outdoor tables, and “indoor fire bowls“).

This week, the Austin firebrand makes perhaps its most ambitious expansion yet — into the world of cinema. Solo Stove’s “Movie Night” bundles have fire pits as their centerpiece, but the real stars are the outdoor lounge chairs, popcorn maker, and backyard movie projector screen.

Solo Stove Movie Night Bundles

The new category comprises three different gear bundles: Feature, Premiere, and Blockbuster. The brand’s lowest-tier “starter kit” is for folks who already own a Solo Stove fire pit, or just want the basic backyard movie setup. It includes a 100-inch projector screen, popcorn maker, and two lounge chairs. The Feature Bundle costs $500.

The brand’s custom-made popcorn maker includes a long hand extension and vented lid to cook over an open flame.

Solo Stove’s Lounge Chairs are weather-resistant, padded yard chairs. They measure 83.25 inches long and have a prop-up back that will stand 23.5 inches high. The chairs can also lie flat. Meanwhile, the Projector Screen stands 76.25 inches high and spans 90.15 inches across. It weighs about 15.5 pounds.

For those who need to build a full Solo Stove-based experience, the Premiere and Blockbuster bundles build on the Feature kit with the inclusion of a fire pit. The Premiere bundle includes everything in the Feature Bundle and adds the choice of a Ranger, Bonfire 2.0, or Yukon fire pit (with lid and stand). It retails between $800 and $1,100 depending on the fire pit.

And the big daddy, the Blockbuster Bundle, includes everything the Premiere does, along with a three-pack of Mesa Tiki Torches. The Blockbuster Bundle sells for $990-1,290. Adding to the pizazz, both the Premiere and Feature Bundle fire pits come in eight different color options.

The projector (and movie selection) are up to you. But if you’ve got a great yard for family and friend hangouts, head over and check out Solo Stove’s Movie Night Bundles to learn more.

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