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Ruling Class: We Are Not Ready For The Next Pandemic

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If there’s one thing we’ve been told by the ruling class repeatedly since the beginning of the COVID-19 scamdemic, it’s that there will be another one and we aren’t prepared for it. Former White House advisor Deborah Birx said Wednesday that she thinks “we” are less prepared than we were before COVID-19.

Bill Gates infamously warned with a smirk that the next plandemic will get attention. Does that mean it’ll be real? That people will get more than a cold and they won’t have to fake the statistics because we’ll be able to see the damage being done with our own eyes?

Bill Gates Warns The Next Pandemic Will Be Worse Than COVID

The country wasn’t in a great place in 2019, either. Its pandemic preparedness plan “failed in the first week,” when those in charge didn’t consider that people infected with the virus could have it and spread it without symptoms, Birx said. Except that’s not exactly how it works considering people who are fully “vaccinated” can spread the virus without “having symptoms” too.

Pfizer Executive Admits COVID “Vaccines” Were Not About Preventing Transmission

Lockdowns Were a SCAM! Asymptomatic Carriers Don’t Spread COVID-19

“I think people in the federal government believe the private sector is not there to help,” she added. But the private sector stepped in to develop and produce tests, vaccines, and monoclonal antibody treatments that have saved millions of American lives.” This is the definition of fascism. The ruling class has merged with the private sector to destroy the few individual rights and freedoms people had left.

There are several ways another plandemic can play out. As of right now, there are many things that the ruling class could turn into another major pandemic.

Rulers Begin to Establish A “Bird Flu” Narrative

The Next Plandemic? Establishment Media Has Picked Up The Marburg Outbreak Story

WHO Warns Of “Biological Risk” During Violent Seizure Of Lab In Sudan





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