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Prepare For The New System: A “Crisis of Epic Porportions” Is Coming

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Greg Mannarino says that before the new fully controlled slave system is rolled out, the old slave system has to be destroyed by a crisis. For this reason, he believes the United States will default on its debt in order to crash the current system.

“A crisis of epic proportions” is coming, so it’s time to prepare. “I think this threat is very real,” Mannarino says of the ruling class’s possible debt default. He gives is a “50/50 shot” of happening.

The Endgame: Central Bank Digital Currency

“A U.S. debt default will have far-reaching ramifications here…if in fact, there is a U.S. debt default, the stock market would fall by a third in one day,” Mannarino says. The soonest the U.S. would default will be June 1st.

“If this lasted any length of time if this got drawn out, let’s say a week or two, the stock market will lose half its value,” he added. “This could play out to be a big crisis, and it may be exactly what they’re looking to do here.”

Mannarino adds that he’s not saying this is going to happen for sure, but there’s a “strong possibility” that this will be how the ruling class takes down the system. He also says that if you’re counting on a rate cut this summer, you shouldn’t. It’s not coming. “The Fed is going to keep the pressure on the middle class, in fact, increase that pressure on the middle class.”

Prepare For An Economic Emergency Or Recession

“The regional bank,” Mannario added with a laugh, “are getting spanked this morning…again, what are they doing? They are trying desperately to instill a sense of confidence in the system…it’s a con job on an epic scale here.”

On The Verge Of A Banking Industry Apocalypse?

The ruling class, which includes the central banks, is bending and twisting the reality toward the new system. Recently, Mannarino said that the central banks are getting very close to rolling out the “endgame” slave system.

IMF Publishes Plans To Implement CBDCs

The World Economic Forum has also said a fully controllable digital currency is inevitable. In order to maintain control over humanity, this next step is necessary.

This whole thing could get “very real, very fast.”




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