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Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Fish

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My mom loves to fish, and I happen to be a mom who loves to fish, too. If you have moms like us, finding her a fishing gift for Mother’s Day might seem like a bit of a challenge. Where do you even start?

Finding fishing gifts for the main woman in your life isn’t as tough as you might think. There are tons of great ideas out there … but if you want to make a splash, we created a list of some of our favorite fishing gifts for Mother’s Day.

Guess what? We even gave you different options depending on your budget. We just like to be helpful like that.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Ladies Who Fish

Fishing Sunglasses for Mom

Go Big: Bajío Sigs

The Bajío Sigs ($209-259) are an awesome Mother’s Day gift for any mom who lives on the water. They come with a heap of different frame and lens choices, allowing you to customize these shades for both your mom’s style and her style of fishing.

The fit has a semi-aggressive wrap, keeping them in place on your face and keeping your eyes protected from the wind and sun.

Shop Now at Bajío

Budget Buy: Rheos Waders

Rheos makes great fishing and fashion shades at prices that won’t break the bank. The Waders ($65) frame from Rheos is a great choice for the mom who is a fashionable fisherman in need of a polarized lens.

These frames come in really fun color combinations, like Geechee Pink and Rose, to add just a bit of personality to a day on the water. And they float, which is a bit of a fun insurance policy, keeping shades off the bottom and your mom fishing in style.

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Fishing Shoes for Mom

Go Big: LaCrosse Alpha Deck Boot

If your mom spends her time on a boat, the LaCrosse Alpha Deck Boot ($120) is a great choice for a durable, waterproof boot that will keep your mom’s feet comfortable and dry.

They have a bit of heft to them, which makes your step feel a little more steady when the dock or boat is anything but.

Shop Now at REI

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Budget Buy: Teva Sandals

Obviously, the Classic Teva Sandals ($25+) aren’t specifically made for fishing, but they make a great fishing sandal. These simple, water-friendly sandals are just at home on the trail as they are in the water. Their ability to dry out quickly makes them an easy gift choice for moms who prefer minimum footwear and maximum playtime.

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Wading Boots

Go Big: Korkers Darkhorse Wading Boots

The Korkers Darkhorse wading boots are the boot mom needs if she’s a hardcore fisherman. The removable and replaceable soles mean she can vary which level of traction she needs, as well as swap out to new soles when the old ones wear out.

This not only keeps your ma on the water in boots she’s comfortable in because they’re broken in, but it also means she won’t be tossing perfectly good boots in the landfill because the soles are worn out.

Shop Now at Amazon

Budget Buy: Frogg Toggs Hellbender

Wading boots don’t have to break the bank, and the Hellbenders from Frogg Toggs prove that. Perfectly capable of keeping your mom’s feet dry and comfortable, the Hellbenders perform above their weight class when it comes to price.

If you really want to earn brownie points, you could go all in and get her the Hellbender Waders to complete the package.

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Women’s Waders for Mother’s Day

Go Big: Simms G3

When it comes to fishing waders, it really doesn’t get much better than Simms. The Simms G3 wader is my personal go-to wader and as a mom who prefers to fish by foot, these waders keep me comfortable regardless of the condition or terrain.

If your mom is a fly fishing machine, these waders have a really accommodating fit and sizing options and feel more like a cozy waterproof clothing layer than they do a bulky pair of waders.

Shop Now at Scheels

Shop Now at SIMMS

Budget Buy: Orvis Women’s Ultralight Convertible Waders

Orvis isn’t really well-known for budget options, but the Ultralight Convertible Waders give you all the quality you expect from Orvis at a price that won’t make you cry home to your mama on Mother’s Day. The easy drop chest portion makes these waders incredibly comfortable and customizable for any fishing adventure.

Also, bonus tip: These make awesome waders for a breastfeeding mom who needs easy chest access for pumping or on-the-bank feeding sessions.

Shop Now at Orvis

Fly Rods for Mother’s Day

Go Big: Sage R8 Core

I’m staring at a Sage R8 8wt as I write this little gift guide, but the gut punch is that it isn’t mine. Thus, this is one of the reasons it lands on this list.

I want a 7wt Sage R8 for Mother’s Day (hint-hint), and I’m just about as impossible to shop for as it gets. I guess that means it definitely earns a place here, particularly if you have a flyfishing mama that has almost every rod under the sun.

Shop Now at Scheels

Budget Buy: Orvis Clearwater

I’ll be honest: this is my go-to utility rod. The Orvis Clearwater has all the pep and fitness of rods that fall far higher in the price department. It’s the rod you’ll find in most guide boats for clients. The thing gets the job done, and then some.

If your mom is new to fishing or she just needs the trusty, everyday, get ‘r done rod — you can’t go wrong with the Clearwater.

Shop Now at Scheels

Shop Now at Orvis

Fishing Rod Combos for Mother’s Day

Go Big: Abu Garcia Zata LTD Spinning Combo

There’s nothing more turnkey in the fishing space than a tried-and-true spinning rod and reel combo. Even for the mom who might be a casual fisherman, this Zata LTD Spinning Combo from Abu Garcia will have your mom casting like a pro. The color combo has all the feel of summer, and Abu Garcia knows how to put a high-performing kit together.

Looking good, fishing good, feeling good; Mom will approve.

Shop Now at Scheels

Shop Now at Amazon

Budget Buy: Toadfish Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Speaking of cool color combos, Toadfish has entered the rod and reel game, and it brings all the cool looks without the hefty price tag. I have one of these rad little Rod and Reel Combos in hand, and as soon as the water gives me an opening, I will be fishing the heck out it.

For the mom who just dabbles in fishing, this is the way to get her hooked without breaking the bank. Plus, they have a ton of cool gadgets that will match her new setup.

Shop Now at Amazon

Fishing Accessories for Mom

Go Big: Sightline Provisions Silver Bangle

Fishing jewelry is the perfect gift for the mom who loves to show off her passions, even when she isn’t on the water. No one really does it quite like Sightline Provisions. The dainty silver bangle is just about as classy as it gets while still having that earthy, fisherman vibe to it.

This is just at home at a fancy dinner as it is on the boat. I’m not saying my mom is probably getting one of these, but I’m also not not saying that (Shhhhhhhhh).

Budget Buy: Sightline Provisions Leather Bracelet

We’re giving double the love for Sightline Provisions. As a busy mom who isn’t particularly “girly” in a traditional sense, I do like to have a little razzle-dazzle with some kind of jewelry. That being said, there is almost always a leather bracelet from Sightline Provisions on my wrist.

If your mom’s like me and might like something rugged but stylish — you can’t go wrong with one of these cool leather cuffs. Plus, you can pick out the specific species of fish that most fits your mom’s chase.

Shop Now at Sightline Provisions

How to Find Gifts for Moms Who Fish

This is a big one! If your mom is a baitcasting machine, she might not be too keen on a new fly box. If she’s a dry-fly-or-die purist, a tackle box full of jerkbaits is not going to tickle her fancy. Find out more about what kind of fishing your mom does. That way, you can at least narrow down your search.

Listen, if she’s tossing streamers in the Keys, there is no reason to get her an insulated pair of waders. Where your mom fishes is almost as important as what she fishes for. If she’s a coldwater fisherman, think condition-specific gear. Maybe she needs casting gloves or an insulated buff. If she’s spending long days under intense sun, think sunshirts and high-quality shades.

If you don’t know your mom’s specific fishing style and you don’t want to ask, remember the KISS principle: Keep it simple … Sampson. You don’t have to get too in the weeds with your gifts. If she does a lot of fish cooking, new fillet knives are a no-brainer.

As a quick suggestion, pretty much anything from the Benchmade Water Line will fit the bill. Otherwise, stick with everyday gear like jewelry or sunglasses. Maybe a new ball cap from a rad fishing brand will make her day. I promise you, she’d rather get a T-shirt from Simms than a piece of gear she’ll never use.

Why You Should Trust Us

You never know who to trust these days when it comes to suggestions on the gear you buy. Luckily for you, I happen to be a mom who fishes and a daughter to a mom who fishes. I’ve been fortunate to fish in a lot of different waters, for a lot of different fish, in a lot of different ways.

Luckily, that gives me a little insight into the gear I love and the stuff I could do without.

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