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2025 Nissan Rogue Gets Rock Creek Off-Roader

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The Nissan Rogue just got more rugged. The 2025 Nissan Rogue Rock Creek adds a chunky new front fascia, more cladding, and all-terrain tires. Some versions of the Rogue are also more tech-heavy with the addition of an invisible hood camera view and ProPilot Assist 2.1 hands-off highway driving, but those features will be surprisingly absent from the new off-road grade.

Rock Creek Means Rougher Terrain

Rock Creek is Nissan’s badge for buyers looking for something a little more burly and capable. It’s Nissan’s own version of Subaru’s Wilderness or Toyota’s TRD Off-Road. The Rogue Rock Creek is the second model to join the lineup, following the Pathfinder, which first received treatment a few years back.

Like its competitors, the 2025 Rogue Rock Creek goes hard on the cosmetics. It starts with a new gloss black grille that has silver accents up high, just like the slots on the Pathfinder’s nose. It also has Lava Red accents, which it shares with Frontier Pro-4X models.

Black wheels wear Falken Wild Peak all-terrain tires. There’s also a tubular roof rack that has integrated cross bars to help hold cargo baskets or a rooftop tent.

New Off-Road Camera Views

Rogue Rock Creek comes with a new Off-Road view for its surround-view exterior cameras that works up to 12 mph. The fuller view makes it easier to spot obstacles when you’re crawling on a trail.

The package also gives you all-wheel drive and hill descent control. A heated steering wheel and water-repellent fake leather seats help remind you that you’re in the Rock Creek grade each time you get in.

Rock Creek Rogues get a 201-horsepower 1.5L variable compression three-cylinder engine. It’s the same fuel-sipping engine offered across the Rogue lineup.

Hands-Off Driving Comes to Top-Grade Rogues, Not Rock Creek

ProPilot Assist, Nissan’s suite that blends adaptive cruise and lane centering, is standard on Rock Creek and the SV grades. SL and Platinum enhance that to the 1.1 version, which will use the nav system to help slow down ahead of sharp curves.

The one you want, though, is ProPilot Assist 2.1. Like Ford’s BlueCruise or GM’s Super Cruise, this is a hands-off system. It will stop, go, and turn for you on compatible roads, which includes most of the Interstate Highway System. The system will be an available option for SL and Platinum grades only.

A Technology Package adds two camera views to the Rogue. A front wide view lets you see pillars and similar obstacles around the parking lot. Invisible Hood View, the other view, uses image processing to show you directly in front of the vehicle. This helps you see curbs, car wash tracks, or rocks.

The 2025 Nissan Rogue Rock Creek arrives at dealers this summer. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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