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XTech Tactical MTX 365 3-Round Sig P365 Magazine Extender

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The Sig Sauer P365 has experienced a great deal of popularity since its release. Partly due to its highly concealed carry-friendly size and partly because of its modularity. However, the P365 ships with a low capacity (these days) ten-round magazine. For this reason, XTech Tactical offers the MTX 365 Magazine Extender, which adds three rounds and a pinky extension.

The XTech Tactical MTX 365 Magazine Extender

Constructed of the same glass-filled polymer as the Sig P365 frame, the MTX matches the aesthetics of the P365 frame. The texturing on the side panels provides additional grip and helps with rapid extraction, even when wet.

Adding three additional 9mm rounds, the extension brings the overall capacity in the mag to thirteen rounds. Additionally, the MTX is compatible with the standard P365 frame and the Wilson Combat P365 frame.

Featuring an extended baseplate, the MTX helps support the pinky finger to improve overall grip. As a result, you can take your P365 to the grip length of the P365X/XL without moving to the XL frame. Likewise, you can easily move back to a more concealable size by simply swapping out the magazine for the ten-round.

(Photo by XTech Tactical)

Installing the MTX 365 is straightforward and requires no special tools or modifications. The extension simply slides onto the bottom of the magazine and secures in place with a locking tab. When installed, it utilizes a custom engineered 17-7 stainless steel spring for optimal reliability and last round bolt hold open.

The MTX is only compatible with the factory 10-round magazine for the standard P365 frame. It is not compatible with 12- or 15-round magazines.

“We set out to solve a problem no one else has in making a multi-round magazine extension for the P365. While extending the magazine capacity is one element, there was no solution that allows the shooter to maintain an ideal grip while using the standard P365-sized frame. When the user desires to shrink the platform down, they can now simply swap out their magazine versus swapping their pistol frame,” stated Jeremy Deadman, Director of Sales and Marketing for XTech Tactical.


The XTech Tactical MTX 365 Magazine Extender is available now with an MSRP of $19.95. For more info, please visit XTechTactical.com.

XTech Tactical MTX 365 Magazine Extender

The XTech Tactical MTX 365 Magazine Extender.
(Photo by XTech Tactical)
  • Works with Factory 10 Round Mag for standard P365 frame & Wilson Combat P365 Standard Frame
  • Not for use with 12rd or 15rd mags; or P365x, P365xl, or P365 Macro frames.
  • Sig P365 Magazine Extension is Made in USA
  • Innovative Patented Design For 100% reliable function
  • The Grip Extension Provides Much Improved Grip and Control without going to the XL frame.
  • Custom Engineered Spring
  • Another benefit of the P365 finger extension, is that it provides the perfect pinky extension for tactile feel and control.
  • One of the Best P365 Upgrades
  • Detailed Installation Video QR Code
  • MSRP: $19.95

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