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Vaultek Lifepod X Protects Your Gear in the Harshest Environments

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You can never tell where life is going to take you, adventure waits around every corner if you look. However, some adventures can be a little tougher than others, with unexpected conditions that can be hard on gear. For this reason, Vaultek offers the rugged, water-resistant, lockable Lifepod X—little brother to the original Lifepod.

The Vaultek Lifepod X Safe

Constructed of advanced non-metal T3 polymer, the Lifepod X is rugged enough for any environment or activity. Likewise, the side compression latch combines with an inner rubber gasket to seal the safe from harsh conditions. The airtight, water resistant, dustproof safe floats in water and has been drop tested by the company to ensure durability.

Featuring an inner tray with interior straps allows you to secure loose items within the safe. Its portable size provides protection for a smartphone, cash, passports, medical kit, and other small belongings. The interior lid also includes a series of slots for organizing smaller items.

The small size of the Lifepod X easily fits into a backpack, luggage (it is TSA-approved), or vehicle. However, the included carabiner allows you to attach it to anything for additional travel options. Just remember, make sure you only attach it to something you trust will not break easily. In addition, a provided 24-inch steel security cable allows you to secure it to a solid item to prevent theft.

The built-in lock system incorporates Vaultek’s precision-engineered safe technology and anti-impact latch design. Once closed and locked, the Lifepod X can be accessed via a backlit LED capacitive keypad. Correspondingly, it is opened via a 4–8-digit master code.

(Photo by Vaultek)

The Lifepod X operates on a single AA battery, which provides the safe with up to one year of normal use. In the event the battery dies, a rubber keyhole cover provides access to a hidden micro-USB port. The port can be used to power the case so you can open it and change the battery.

Editor’s Note

It is worth noting that the smaller interior of the Lifepod X will not accommodate most concealed carry pistols. Unless you are using it to carry a Derringer-style pistol, NAA revolver, small pocket .380, etc., it’s probably not going to fit. With an interior dimension of 7.625”x3.5”x1.375”, it is not large enough for even most sub-compact pistols.

However, that does not mean that it doesn’t have its place in a shooter’s loadout. It is still perfect for a med kit, additional magazines, and other shooting-related accessories. But the company does still offer the original Lifepod, which has the same features and construction, only larger. The original should easily fit most smaller framed concealed carry firearms like the Springfield Hellcat Pro.

The Vaultek Lifepod X Safe.
(Photo by Vaultek)


The Vaultek Lifepod X is available now with an MSRP of $79.99. For more info, please visit VaultekSafe.com.

Vaultek Lifepod X Features

Construction: Advanced T3™ High Impact Polymer
Exterior Product Dimensions: 8.125″ L x 5.5″ W x 1.9″ H
Interior Product Dimensions: 7.625″ L x 3.5″ W x 1.375” H
Weight: 1 pound
What’s Included: Removable interior tray + (2) Straps, 24″ security cable, carabiner w/adapter, interior lid organizer, and foam liner.
Keypad: Touch Activated Capacitive Keypad
Keypad Code Length: 4 – 8 Digits
Battery Life: Up to 1 Year
Battery Type: (1) AA ( Not Included)
Weather Resistant Seal: Side compression latch establishes seal, battery not required for function
Security Lock: Single anti-impact latch with capacitive keypad, Battery required for function
Integrated Micro-Usb Support: Yes, provides back-up power in event battery dies
Meets TSA Guidelines: Yes
MSRP: $79.99

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