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Stop Trying to Ban Assault Rifles – It Won’t Help

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I am not sold either way on banning so called assault style firearms and accessories. With 20 million in our possession I don’t see what you gain other than a feel-good law. Grandfather laws in the Constitution forbid the confiscation of these previously owned firearms.

The media shares in this solution as well. Stop making these shooters famous by posting their manifestos and personal letters and thoughts. You are giving them fame and others will imitate them for their fame and attention. Also, the public does not to need to know all of the details of the guns used and injuries caused. Once again imitation is promoted.

The media needs to stop the political division of our country. All you hear is the Republicans and conservatives are to blame. The Democrats held until recently the presidency, House and Senate. This is not about red or blue or black and white!

– Steve Jones in We Must Avoid Unconstitutional and Divisive Approaches


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