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SK Arms Adds Ares to the Gods of Olympus 1911 Engravers Series

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Further expanding its Gods of Olympus Engravers Series, SK Arms adds Ares—the God of war and courage. Following the exquisite characteristics of the first two in the series—Zeus and Poseidon—the Ares uses a Smith & Wesson Full Size 1911 to tell the tale of the son of Zeus. Chambered in .45 ACP, the Ares is as functional as it is worthy of display.

The SK Arms Gods of Olympus Engravers Series – Ares

Using a Smith & Wesson Full Size 1911 as a canvas, the pistol uses engraving and gold plating to detail the life of one of the most prominent and recognized Olympians. Known as the god of war, Ares personifies sheer brutality and bloodlust. Likewise, an association with Ares is considered to endow places, objects, and other deities with savage, dangerous, or militarized qualities.

Running the length of the top of the slide, Ares’ spear features a 24K gold head and sauroter (spear buttcap). On the right side of the slide are Ares’ helmet, shield, and sword, in 24K gold plating. Likewise, deep engraving signifies deep cracks in the Earth’s crust from battle, with flames surrounding the scene in SK’s highly reflective conversion technique. The rear of the slide features a vulture atop the serial number XXX/200.

The obverse side of the slide highlights scenes of Ares’ epic battles in 24K gold surrounded by flames. Light whisps of smoke arise from the flames on both sides of the slide, adding depth to the scenes. At the rear of the slide, behind broken earth, is a depiction of the wild boar Ares turned himself into to kill Adonis.

The grips are made of black Kirinite and have a Greek Key border running the circumference of each side. Framed within the border on the right side is Ares in full battle armor, with a spear detailed in 24K gold. On the left side is Ares’ vulture and dog, symbolizing loyalty and protection.

Further adding to the dramatic two-tone aesthetic, all controls feature 24K gold plating, contrasting the polished steel frame and slide. Likewise, the extractor, skeletonized hammer, bushing, and magazine baseplate are all plated in 24K gold as well.

(Photo by SK Arms)

Commemorative Coin

Each purchase of the Gods of Olympus comes with a commemorative silver coin. The coin features the mark of the Bank of Greece in Athens and the year of production. In addition, one side displays a profile of the goddess Athena with the other portraying Ares charging into battle.

The coin comes in a protective case, set inside a black velvet coin box. A silver label with the “Gods of Olympus – Ares” logo adorns the outside of the box.

“Ares, known as the Greek god of war and courage, is one of the most prominent and recognized Olympians,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Customs. 1911 collectors and enthusiasts can now boast a beautifully designed firearm representing some of the oldest stories in the world.”


The SK Arms Gods of Olympus Engravers Series Ares Custom 1911 is available now in a limited run of 200, with an MSRP of $2,650.00. For more info, please visit SKGuns.com.

On December 30, 2021, PDW reported:

Zeus, the Greek god of the sky, ruler, protector, and father of all gods and humans descends in 1911 form. Part of the Gods of Olympus Engravers Series, Zeus is the second in the series, following the Poseidon. Likewise, the limited-edition Zeus custom 1911 from SK Arms will be an instant collector’s item, with only 200 available.

The SK Arms Gods of Olympus Engraver Series Zeus Custom 1911

With approval from Smith & Wesson, the Gods of Olympus Engraver Series builds on the full size 1911 E-Series (.45ACP). Immortalizing some of Zeus’ absolute powers, the slide, frame, and grip feature cloud engraved scroll. Thus, representing his rule of the sky and weather. Similarly, the artwork on the sides of the slide further depict Zeus directing lightning, thunder, rain, and strong winds. While Zeus is portrayed in 24 KT gold-plating, his companion eagle (Aetos Dios) features copper-plating.

The SK Arms Zeus Custom 1911.

The obverse of the slide displays Aegis, Zeus’ shield and primary form of protection. The shield displays the head of Gorgon, the sister of Medusa, and made a foreboding roar during battle.

The custom forward and rear slide serrations additionally highlight the cloud theme. Just behind the rear serrations on one side is a depiction of a bull, an animal that Zeus often transformed into. Likewise, the opposite side features the eagle Aetos Dios with a number plate indicating the issue number out of 200.

A proprietary conversion coating provides a highly reflective Sky-blue background behind the gold and copper-plated artwork, furthering the sky theme. In addition, the frame flats feature a satin finish polish. Riding atop the slide is a new Novak front sight with authentic center set Yellow Diamond, embodying the grandeur of Zeus.

The SK Arms Zeus Custom 1911.

The interface between man and steel features Pearl grips with Greek key meander and grip art. On one side, Zeus sits on his throne, while the other depicts Mount Olympus. The hardware also features 24 KT gold and nickel plating, to highlight the filled engraving on the grips.


Limited to only 200 pieces, the Zeus comes with a commemorative 1-oz high-relief silver coin. The coin features Zeus on one side and Athena on the obverse. Additionally, the coin includes the observe marks of the Bank of Greece in Athens and the year of production.

The SK Arms Gods of Olympus Engravers Series Zeus Custom 1911 will be shipping from mid-February, with an MSRP of $2,800.00. For more info, please visit SKArmsVA.com.

The SK Arms Zeus Custom 1911.

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