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PHLster Taurus GX4 Holsters: Skeleton and Enigma Express

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A few years ago, PHLster Holsters addressed the issue of carrying concealed while wearing clothes not designed for concealed carry. The Enigma system revolutionized the way people carried while running, wearing business attire, etc. And now, PHLster offers the Enigma Express and Skeleton for the increasingly popular Taurus GX4 and GX4 Carry.

PHLster Skeleton and Enigma Express Holsters for Taurus GX4

The Enigma Express system builds around the company’s Skeleton IWB holster, which is also available as a stand-alone solution. Constructed of heavy-duty Kydex, the Skeleton is worn IWB via a 1.5-inch clip for secure placement in the waistband. Likewise, the holster features a Modwing to push the pistol grip inward and prevent printing during concealed carry. Although the Skeleton comes configured for right-hand carry, it is swappable for left-hand carry as well.

(Photo by PHLster)

However, when coupled with the Enigma Express system, the carry experience hits the next level. Utilizing super-thin, high-strength materials, the Enigma Express securely attaches the pistol to your body, regardless of what you are wearing. Likewise, cutting-edge construction and built-in concealment mechanics allow you to dress how you like—not how the gun dictates. Hello comfy pants.

The mounting panel is constructed of Tegris, which provides a tough foundation that can withstand repeated flexing without cracking, breaking, or fraying. Correspondingly, the ultra-thin, lightweight material provides just the right amount of flex to conform to the body comfortably. However, it remains stiff enough to interact with the wing to tuck the grip of the gun close to the body for better concealment.

In addition, the belt provides all the stability and security you would expect from a stiff gun belt. But to ensure comfort, the belt is only stiff where it needs to be to support the gun and promote concealment. The unique design also allows you to adjust it higher or lower than your belt line, depending on your needs.

The belt utilizes a quick-attach/detach magnetic clip for quick, easy system attachment or removal. Additionally, a leg strap helps secure the holster firmly in place.

The Enigma system has been available for a host of popular pistol models but is now available for the Taurus GX4 models.

PHLster Taurus GX4 Holsters: Skeleton and Enigma Express.
(Photo by PHLster)

According to PHLster

“At PHLster, our mission is to demystify concealed carry and provide market-leading free educational resources which enable concealed carriers of all experience levels to achieve the best possible results, regardless of their experience level,” says Jon Hauptman, owner of PHLster Holsters.

“Our educational resources and products work hand-in-hand to help carriers put these principles into practice. As our education reaches more and more concealed carriers, we find ourselves encountering customers much earlier in their concealed carry journey than ever before. And more and more of those people are carrying with Taurus. We want to be there with both education and products to help ensure their concealed carry success.”

Editor’s Note

Sure, there are other solutions for belt-less concealed carry, like belly bands, fanny packs, backpacks, purses, etc. However, the PHLster Enigma Express system provides a familiar IWB platform in comfortable pants or tucked shirts. This translates to a much more secure carry solution that will be familiar to anyone who carries daily.

Not to mention, with its fully customizable design, you can configure it how you want instead of being stuck with a “one-solution-fits-all” option.


The PHLster Holsters for the Taurus GX4 are available now with MSRPs of $59.00 (Skeleton), $154.00 (Enigma Express). For more info, please visit PHLsterHolsters.com.

PHLster Taurus GX4 Holsters: Skeleton and Enigma Express.
(Photo by PHLster)

Enigma Features

  • Ultra low profile and zero signature.
  • Hugs the body, with no clips or loops showing.
  • Wear with anything. Dress around your life, not your gun.
  • Secure retention and full trigger protection using a kydex holster shell.
  • Modular system with many ways to customize and accessorize.
  • Standard belt fits up to 46″ waist.
  • Optional Sport Belt upgrade fits up to 50″ waist.

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