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Lockdown SecureWall Panels: The Ultimate Customizable Gun Storage Solution

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As every firearm owner knows firearms can take up a lot of space. Shotguns and rifles consume real estate in a gun safe quickly, and just a few handguns fill up shelves in a hurry. But unlike other items that may be tucked around your home firearms require special care and attention during storage. You certainly don’t want moisture to damage the wood or finish of a gun, and if they are stored in a manner that allows your firearms to contact one another they will accumulate scratches and dings. What’s more, it’s critically important to keep your firearms secure and out of the hands of those who do not have permission to access them, be that your nosy nephew or a criminal intent on stealing your collection.

Lockdown offers an affordable and sensible solution to firearms storage with the release of their innovative SecureWall panels. Available in either standard or heavy-duty configurations, SecureWall panels attach to your wall (either concrete or drywall) and feature edge-to-edge locking points that will accommodate Lockdown accessories and traditional pegboard hangers. Standard SecureWall panels measure 32 by 24 inches, or you can opt for half panels that measure 16 by 24 inches. Each of these panels has an impressive maximum capacity of 100 pounds, but if you’re storing lots of guns vertically or want to add heavier items like boxes of ammunition you can select SecureWall Heavy Duty 14-gauge panels which are available in 32 by 24-inch sections and 16 by 24-inch half panels as well. Heavy-duty panels hold up to 200 pounds.

Composed of heavy-duty powder-coated steel, the shelves provided by Lockdown have a high weight tolerance while being easy to install. (Photo by Brad Fitzpatrick)

Once you mount your SecureWall panels you’re ready to accessorize, and Lockdown offers a wide array of different storage options. If you’re planning to store long guns horizontally, you can do so using Lockdown’s Long Gun Hangers. If you’d rather store guns vertically you can opt for Lockdown’s two-piece Vertical Gun Rack, which holds three firearms. Both systems can be quickly adjusted to fit guns of varying lengths, and swapping the position of the hangers or racks is simply a matter of lifting them and removing them from the panel. It’s a simple and effective system, and since the panels, hangers, and racks are all powder coated you won’t have to worry about damage during storage.

Of course, it’s not just long guns that can be stored on SecureWalls. Lockdown offers a variety of options for hanging handguns including straight or angled barrel pegs and handgun hangers that orient the handgun horizontally, all of which cost just $5.99. All barrel pegs are powder coated and vinyl coated so there’s no concern about marring the bore, and they accommodate barrels from .38 to .50 caliber.

For miscellaneous items that don’t work on the shelves or hangars, simply use one of Lockdown’s baskets. (Photo by Brad Fitzpatrick)

Firearms take up a lot of space, but every shooter knows that the long list of shooting accessories—bags, optics, ammunition, spare magazines, holsters, and so forth—can also consume real estate in your gun room. Lockdown offers plenty of storage options for these items, too, including shelves, baskets and Universal Hooks. Best of all, these accessories can be installed and removed without special tools.

Installing SecureWalls

You don’t have to be a carpenter to install SecureWalls. Simply position the panel where you’d like it and insert one of the provided screws through one of the openings in the face of the SecureWall and into a stud. The directions indicate that it may be easier to align the stud with the center of the panel which will make it easier to hold the panel in position while inserting the other screws. Installing panels above or below the first one is simply a matter of aligning the top and bottom portions and passing a screw through both panels. Adding panels to each side is equally simple.

Lockdown’s barrel pegs are vinyl coated to prevent marring the bore, and they accommodate calibers from .38 to .50. (Photo by Brad Fitzpatrick)

When the panels are in place on your wall it’s time to begin accessorizing your SecureWalls. If you’re like me, you’ll rearrange the layout several times before finally settling on the best design. With the panels installed within a secure room, I started hanging baskets, pegs, hangers, and other accessories where I thought they should fit. Ultimately, I removed most of them and rearranged them so that the layout made more sense—suppressors, optics, and rangefinders with my rifles, calls and choke tubes with shotguns, holsters, magazines, and speedloaders near my handguns. I swapped accessories a half-dozen times before I settled on a plan, but odds are I’ll reshuffle them as my gun chi prompts me.

The solid design of SecureWalls ensures that your guns will remain securely in place, but guns are a valuable investment and it’s worth noting that Lockdown offers solutions to protect your guns as well as store them. I live in a humid environment and it’s not uncommon in this part of the country for stored guns to accumulate rust. To prevent the heartbreak and financial loss of finding a classic firearm pocked with rust marks consider adding a Lockdown Dehumidifier and monitor humidity levels with a Lockdown Hygrometer. The best solution to protect your firearms while you’re away from them remains Lockdown’s Puck which sends alerts directly to your phone via the Lockdown Logic app.

Lockdown also sells cheap, durable hangars that take up very little space on the SecureWall panels. (Photo by Brad Fitzpatrick)

Why SecureWall Panels?

In addition to offering a convenient and secure way to store firearms and gear, Lockdown SecureWalls are a great way to display your firearms. Most firearm owners are rightly proud of their gun collections, and that pride is reflected when guns are displayed on these panels. The angled handgun barrel hooks also offer a quartering view of each gun, which makes them easy to recognize. It’s much easier to show off your firearm collection when guns are stored on SecureWalls than when you have to pull each gun from the safe.

In addition to space savings, SecureWall Panels are also an outstanding value. With individual panels ranging from about $40 to $70, you can cover an entire wall with SecureWalls for less than the cost of a gun safe, all without the hassle of moving a safe that weighs 500 pounds or more. Typical gun safes cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and you can create your own custom display/storage system with SecureWalls for a fraction of that cost. Most homeowners can mount the panels without paying for professional assistance, and with so many affordable accessories available through Lockdown you can count long guns, handguns, or any other gun-related items. 

Lockdown SecureWall Panels on wall loaded with guns and gear
The angled barrel pegs show off your handguns while maximizing storage space. (Photo by Brad Fitzpatrick)

Adding to the convenience and value of the SecureWall system is its ability to use standard pegboard hooks. These low-cost hangers are widely available and are designed to hold just about any item imaginable from tools to game calls to ammo cans and holsters. Pegboard hangers are available at most big box and hardware stores, and this allows you to customize your gun room even more. 

These panels are also a great addition to any firearms retail shop. You can prominently display and showcase both long guns and handguns for your customers, and it’s easy to switch up the configuration of SecureWalls. They also make a great option for firearm museum collections and could easily to installed behind glass doors, allowing visitors a close look at classic firearms without access to those guns.

Installation is a simple process. Simply find a stud and screw the wall into place. The panels can be mounted anywhere space is available. (Photo by Brad Fitzpatrick)

For personal or professional use SecureWalls provide a bright storage solution for your valuable firearms. And with so many accessory options you can customize your display exactly as you’d like—so long as you can decide on the perfect layout.

For more information visit: lockdown.com

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