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Four Holsters in One with the Tagua Gunleather Quick Draw 4-in-1

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Different days, and different attire, potentially dictate a different carry method. Usually, in these scenarios, this requires multiple holsters. One IWB, one OWB, cross-draw, and one for the small of the back. However, Tagua Gunleather fills the gap with its Quick Draw, a 4-in-1 holster that offers all four methods in one platform.

The Tagua Gunleather Quick Draw 4-in-1 Holster

Featuring a premium leather construction, double stitching in specific areas provides added durability. Designed for concealed carry, the holster offers four different carry methods based on your requirements on any given day. According to the company, the Quick Draw can be carried, IWB (inside the waistband), strong side OWB (Outside the waistband), cross-draw, or small of the back.

Featuring an open-top design, the Quick Draw is custom molded to your specified handgun for a secure fit. As a result, the holster provides reliable retention during wear. Additionally, the Quick Draw includes an optic cut and is compatible with most of the popular optics on the market.

The Quick Draw is engineered to accommodate a wide range of handguns from a long list of manufacturers. Likewise, it is available in both right- and left-hand configurations. Meant to fit your unique style, the holster is offered in your choice of black or dark brown leather.

(Photo by Tagua Gunleather)

Editor’s Note

I am a fan of things that are capable of filling multiple roles in one product. However, it typically comes at a bit of a compromise. Specifically, in that, it fills each of the roles adequately but not always perfectly.

For example, regarding holsters, a dedicated IWB holster has features that enhance IWB carry. The same is true for OWB, cross-draw, small of the back, drop leg, etc. But when you combine multiple carry methods into one holster, some of those features are typically not included.

So, if you switch up your carry method a lot, a holster like this works well because you have familiarity with the same holster, regardless of the way you carry it. However, if you rarely (or never) change your method, you might be better off sticking with a dedicated holster.


The Tagua Gunleather Quick Draw 4-in-1 holster is available now with an MSRP of $52.99. For more info, please visit TaguaGunleather.com.

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