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Customize Your Gun Case with the KOR VRS Suspension System

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Gun cases with foam inserts are a time-tested and approved method of transporting firearms safely. However, they have a drawback. Once you’ve plucked or cut the foam to fit, there is no going back. That case will only fit that gun until/unless you replace the foam. For this reason, KOR Cases created the VRS (Vacuum Rigidizing Structure) Suspension System. By replacing the foam in your case with the VRS system, you can transport any gun at any time with the perfect fit.

The KOR VRS Suspension System

Constructed of MIL-SPEC textiles, the VRS Suspension System is durable for long life and repeated use. The system replaces the existing foam bottom of your current gun case, removing the need to pluck or cut the foam to fit. Measuring 35”x15.5”x3”, the system is compatible with Pelican 1700, Pelican V700, SKB Series 3614, Boyt H41XD, and Nanuk 985 cases. Correspondingly, the system only adds 3.16 pounds to the overall weight of your case.

The system’s interior is comprised of fill rigidizing beads that form around your firearm and accessories. In essence, it is like a moldable bean bag that molds itself around anything within the case. The technology is based on vacuum splint technology and provides the same firm hold on contents.

To use, fill the system with air using the included pump—it will look like a pillow at this stage. Once full, place your firearm(s) and gear on top of the insert and position how you would like it to remain. Then use the pump to remove the air or “pull the vacuum.” At this stage, the soft, pliable cushion changes to a solid structure, conforming to whatever is on top.

(Photo by KOR Cases)

When you are ready to transport a different firearm or accessory, simply fill it back up and repeat.

“The patented KOR Cases 3S Medium VRS Insert customizes case interiors and secures contents by conforming around everything inside,” said G.P. Searle, Founder of KOR Cases.

“By replacing the bottom layer of foam with the VRS insert, you can use your existing gun case to transport any guns in your collection without cutting, plucking, or paying for foam. Plus, since the system prevents shifting during travel, you don’t have to remove accessories or re-zero your optics,” he added.


The KOR VRS Suspension System is available now with an MSRP of $275.00. For more info, please visit KORCases.com.

The KOR VRS Suspension System.
(Photo by KOR Cases)

KOR VRS Suspension System Features

  • Patented universal gun case insert
  • Extremely lightweight, medium case foam replacement system
  • Customize interior without cutting, plucking, or storing foam inserts
  • Space-saving and environmentally friendly
  • Replaces the bottom layers of foam and secures gear so contents remain fixed
  • Solves the challenge of accessory disassembly and removal
  • Exterior structure constructed with mil-spec textiles
  • Interior comprised of fill rigidizing beads
  • Integrated two-way valve
  • Includes pump and adaptor kit
  • Includes patch kit
  • Weight: 3.16 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 35 in. (l) x 15.5 in. (w) x 3 in. (h)
  • Gun case compatibility: Pelican 1700, V700 / SKB Series 3614 / Boyt H41XD / Nanuk 985
  • MSRP: $275

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