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Auto-Ordnance Adds 2023 “Commander in Chief” AR to Trump Line

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Back in March, we reported on the release of the Auto-Ordnance Trump commemorative line of firearms (below). The line was met with popularity and demands for more. For this reason, Kahr Arms and Auto-Ordnance release the 2023 “Commander in Chief” AR-15. The rifle is based on an earlier version from the company and further commemorates the pro-Second Amendment 45th President.

Auto-Ordnance Trump Commemorative 2023 “Commander in Chief” AR-15

Built on billet aluminum upper and lower receivers, the rifle features a Burnt Bronze and Black Cerakote finish. This combination gives the “Commander in Chief” a battle-distressed aesthetic. Additionally, engravings commemorating President Trump adorn the entirety of the rifle platform.

On the right side of the upper are the words “Keep American Great” just under the Picatinny rail. Likewise, “In God We Trust” is emblazoned on the side of the forward assist housing. The lower features “45th” just above the ambidextrous selector switch, and the Seal of the President of the United States takes up the magwell.

(Photo by Auto-Ordnance)

Similarly, the left side of the upper features the words “Commander in Chief” under the Picatinny rail. Likewise, “Donald Trump” sits just under that. As with the right side, “45th” shares space with the selector switch. In addition, President Trump’s likeness, in front of the White House, fills the magwell.

Rounding out the patriotic theme, “The United States of America” runs along both sides of the aluminum-free floated, M-Lok forearm, just under the full-length Picatinny rail. Similarly, the forearm and grip are detailed with the American flag and star pattern, respectively. The front of the magwell features a custom serial number starting with “DD” and an engraving of the model DJT-AR.

The rifle is shouldered via a Hogue collapsible buttstock, and one 30-round Magpul P-Mag is included. Chambered in 5.56, the 16-inch nitride-coated barrel features a 1:8 twist.

The 2023 “Commander in Chief” commemorative Trump AR-15 commands an MSRP of $2,882.00.

On March 30, 2023, PDW reported:

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, solidified his position as a pro-Second Amendment president in a single statement. “The Second Amendment to the Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.” For this reason, Kahr Arms and Auto-Ordnance have commemorated Trump in a series of themed firearms. The latest is the “Trump Save America” series of .45 ACPs, including a 1911 and Thompson “Tommy Gun.”

Auto-Ordnance Trump Commemorative .45 ACP Firearms

President Trump has fought the establishment for over six years, demonstrating unwavering support for the right to keep and bear arms. It’s one of the reasons they hate him so much. But that doesn’t dissuade his determination to save America from those who seek to destroy her.

So, it makes sense that Kahr Arms Group would commemorate him with the aptly named “Trump Save America” series. The series includes a 1911 and Thompson Model 1927 Tommy Gun. Additionally, in a nod to the 45th president, both firearms are chambered in .45 ACP.

Trump Save America Thompson

Auto-Ordnance Trump Commemorative .45 ACP Firearms.
(Photo by Auto-Ordnance)

The Trump Save America Thompson starts as a Model 1927 Tommy Gun, featuring high-quality steel—manufactured in the USA. Correspondingly, it includes a highly durable Sniper Gray Cerakote finish with black controls. Likewise, the rifle includes American walnut furniture, providing an aesthetically pleasing natural tone.

On the right side of the 39-inch-long Thompson is engraved “President Trump” along with the Presidential Seal. Similarly, the obverse side features a “Save America 45th” engraving. Uniquely, the words “Trump” on the right and “America” on the left are deeply embossed into the steel. As a result, is a bold look that will stand the test of time.

In addition, the wood furniture features engravings of the American flag, President Trump, the Liberty Bell, and the Statue of Liberty. All symbols of the freedom and liberty America and the Second Amendment stand for.

The 12.5-pound rifle features a 16.5-inch finned barrel with included Cutts compensator. Additionally, the Thompson ships with one 50-round drum and one 20-round stick magazine. All other features of the 1927 model Tommy are included. The Trump Save America Thompson fetches an MSRP of $3,118.00.

Trump Save America 1911

Trump Save America 1911.
(Photo by Auto-Ordnance)

The American-made GI-style Auto-Ordnance 1911A1 features a Savage Stainless and Armor Black Distressed Cerakote finish. Likewise, the carbon steel slide, sear, and disconnector are heat treated for reliability over many thousands of rounds. Atop the slide are low-profile sights featuring a blade front and a rear that is drift adjustable for windage. In addition, housed within the slide is a 5-inch barrel.

On the right side is a laser engraving of the President’s motto, “Save America” along with his signature just underneath. Correspondingly, the left side features an engraving of the White House with the phrase “Promises Made, Promises Kept.” An American flag is etched on both sides of the dust cover.

Similarly, the grips are made of wood and feature corresponding engravings. The right displays a “Trump 2024” campaign poster and an image of President Trump. Likewise, the left showcases the Presidential Seal and “Trump 2024” campaign poster. The Trump Save America 1911 ships with a single 7-round magazine and comes in at a less expensive $1,324.00 MSRP.

“Sales of Trump themed firearms remain strong, and our vendors continually ask us for new models in the series. There are clearly many gun owners that support President Trump, and want to make a statement about their determination to see him return to the White House in 2024,” said Justin Moon, CEO of Kahr Firearms Group.


The Auto-Ordnance Trump Save America commemorative firearms are available now with MSRPs of $1,324.00 (1911) and $3,118.00 (Thompson). For more info, please visit Auto-Ordnance.com.

“Commander in Chief” AR-15 Specs

Auto-Ordnance “Commander in Chief.”
(Photo by Auto-Ordnance)

Caliber: 5.56 X 45 mm NATO
Barrel: 16” 1-8 Twist
Overall Length: 32.5” – 36”
Weight: 6.4 lbs
Finish: Burnt Bronze and Black Cerakote
Magazine: 30 rd Magpul Magazine
MSRP: $2,882.00

Trump Save America Thompson Specs

Trump Save America Thompson.
(Photo by Auto-Ordnance)

Caliber: .45 ACP
Overall Length: 39 inches
Weight: 12.5 pounds
Sights: Pinned in front blade, Open rear adjustable
Stocks: Walnut fixed stock and vertical foregrip
Magazine: 50 round drum & 20 round stick magazines
MSRP: $3,118.00

Trump Save America 1911 Specs

Auto-Ordnance Trump Commemorative .45 ACP Firearms.
(Photo by Auto-Ordnance)

Caliber: .45 ACP
Barrel: 5 inches
Overall Length: 8.6 inches
Weight: 2.3 pounds
Sights: Blade front, Rear drift adjustable for windage
Grips: Custom Engraved Wood Grips
Magazine: 7 round
MSRP: $1,324.00

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