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Adaptive Target System Shotrocker: Easy Setup Reactive Target

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One might think the business of setting up a target is an easy one; that is seldom the case. Long-range shooting typically takes place on rough terrain, as the law of averages dictates that land can only remain flat for so long. Additionally, banks and berms comprise the necessary backstops to make the entire endeavor safe. To that end, saw-horse-style stands normally don’t fair very well as the uneven ground leaves them off balance to fall after just one or two hits. Upright bases have the same issue and often tip even faster. Then there’s T-Posts, but good luck pounding one into a mountainous landscape.

Adaptive Target System Shotrocker

Furthermore, if you do get these systems to work, target reaction is limited at best, meaning that once you get a few hits on them, you’ll have a hard time discerning a fresh impact from a miss unless you see the bullet arrive. Many solutions exist, but to this date, I believe the folks that did it the best to be Adaptative Target System with their Shotrocker.

The Shotrocker is a toolless, modular target system that sets up in seconds without any fasteners to lose or break. Simply slip the two rocker legs into the main beam, tip them out for stability, and place the target of your choice for your desired shooting discipline. Furthermore, the entire assembly rocks after each impact, making a hit evident, even if you need a second to get back on target after breaking the shot.

AR-550 Goodness

Adaptive Target System offers the stand itself in two sizes: large and small. There is also the option to add an Archery kit to raise an arrow bag several feet off the ground. Each stand includes one 6×6” diamond AR-550 target and a wood backer for paper targets. Larger diamonds are available as well, with 8×8” and 10×10” being on the table as of the time of this writing. Optional Coyote or IPSC targets drop right into place to add some detail.

I tested the Shotrocker in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania, and it did not disappoint. True to the ad, I set it up in just a few seconds without the need for any instructions. I tested the target’s durability with a high-velocity .22 ARC rounds at just 100 yards and am glad to report that they laughed them off with impunity. Pushing it out to 1,000, I was able to spot impact-induced movement at 1,000 yards despite the bellowing mirage and the sub-optimal surface that I was forced to drop it on. Overall, this product is a slam dunk, as you’ll spend less time setting up and more time shooting. 

multiple target types deliver versatility

For more info on the Adaptive Target System Shotrocker, visit shotrockerusa.com.

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