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The reality of Georgia swing voters and gun control

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My home state of Georgia isn’t as firmly red as it used to be. At least, it hasn’t looked that way for the last few years. We have two Democrats as senators, for example.

Further, there are a lot of rumblings calling for gun control throughout the state.

In fact, Axios has a piece about swing voters actually wanting gun control here in the Peach State.

Why it matters: Even swing voters who expressed support for the Second Amendment said the state needs restrictions around safe gun usage in the wake of a mass shooting at an Atlanta medical building this month.

The problem, though, is who is really a swing voter and who isn’t? All anyone has to go on is what someone else says they are. We can’t really see who they voted for in any election and for good reason. We can see which primary they voted in, but a lot of people will vote in the primary of another party just in order to try and get their guy a softer opponent in the general election. That’s just how that works here.

So a lot of people who say they’re swing voters may or may not be. You can’t tell, and people can be dishonest if they think their cause is righteous enough.

But there’s more here because we need to talk about some of the discussion.

Catch up quick: While Georgia Democrats this year introduced gun control bills, including safe storage around children, three-day waiting periods and universal background checks, they have gone nowhere in a Republican-controlled legislature that abolished the need for any concealed carry permit last year.

What they’re saying: Steve D. from Flowery Branch, Ga., who calls himself pro-Second Amendment, supported the recent GOP-backed permit-less carry measure. But he said there simultaneously needs to be a “sensible approach to gun control, and they need to quit fighting the sensible part.”

  • “People are scared to give up an inch because people are going to try to take a mile. If both sides will quit trying to take a mile and come together…this should be done.”

The problem here is that we did that for decades. I remember when you couldn’t carry a gun in a ton of places, including restaurants that just happened to serve beer. Guns had all kinds of restrictions on them here in Georgia and we’ve seen even more elsewhere.

The pro-gun side “take a mile” isn’t anything but trying to restore our rights to where they should have been all along.

But there’s an aspect of this that we see elsewhere, such as this bit:

The big picture: Jocelyn D. of Marietta has three sons and a husband who owns guns. But she is frustrated by the “hysterical thinking that if you do one little thing, pretty soon you won’t be able to own a gun at all.”

  • “It’s this crazy leap from some very rational ideas that most gun owners I know trust…to, ‘oh they’re going to take all the guns away.’”

Now, on the surface, this looks sensible. Democrats just want a few gun laws. Why are people like me so resistant to anything and saying that they want to take them all?

Because we’ve looked at these people for years. We’ve seen what their buddies elsewhere have done. We see what they’ve done in the past.

Look at gun control groups. Pull up any of their websites. Pretty much all of them are working to push various pieces of legislation through at either the state or federal level, if not both.

Now, ask yourself what would happen if every single effort being pushed was passed overnight. Would these groups shut down and go home?

Or, would they simply start pushing for something else?

Deep down, we all know the answer. This is just how it goes with any organization. They simply shift their goals accordingly.

So no, these particular measures won’t suddenly make our gun rights vanish, but it’s also not like these Democrats are suddenly going to be satisfied.

They’ll continue to demand more and more and more until the right to keep and bear arms is nothing but words on a page.

Over and over again, we gave up ground and these same kinds of people demanded more and more until we were at risk of losing everything. So, we stopped compromising. We stopped playing nice and started taking back what was ours to begin with.

Now, you’re asking us to go right back to where we were, but we know how this song plays out. It’ll never be just these measures. It’ll just be the opening salvo on a renewed offensive and none of us are interested in playing that game.

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