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Tanfoglio’s Rimfire Powerhouse: Force 22 TB Pistol Enters US Market

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Tanfoglio S.R.L., the Italian firearms manufacturer, has recently announced the introduction of their popular Tanfoglio Force 22 TB pistol to the United States market. This semi-automatic pistol has gained a reputation for its reliability, accuracy, and versatility, and now American gun enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience it firsthand. The Tanfoglio Force 22L exists overseas without a threaded barrel where it’s well known as a 22LR competition pistol.

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Tanfoglio’s Rimfire Powerhouse: Force 22 TB Pistol Enters US Market

The Tanfoglio Force 22 TB is a highly regarded pistol among shooters worldwide, and its introduction to the US market is sure to be met with enthusiasm. With a threaded barrel, it’s perfect for use with a suppressor, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a quieter shooting experience. The pistol’s double/single-action trigger and ambidextrous safety make it easy and comfortable to handle, while the adjustable sights allow for precision aiming. The frame of the Tanfoglio Force 22 TB is made of durable polymer, while the slide and barrel are crafted from high-quality steel, ensuring both reliability and longevity.

Only available from the Italian Firearms Group family of dealers and distributors, Tanfoglio’s new Force 22 TB is a full-sized 22LR pistol comparable in size to Tanfoglio’s extensive line up of superior competition pistols. As such, the Force 22 TB offers pistol competitors the ultimate option for low-cost practice in an extremely accurate and ergonomic semi-automatic rimfire.

The Force 22 TB is also perfect for a fun day at the range, working on drills or general marksmanship practice. With its threaded barrel (the “TB” in its name), the Force 22 TB can do all these jobs suppressed.

The Force 22 TB features a polymer frame and durable aluminum slide. Operating with a blowback system, the pistol’s barrel is fixed in place. That barrel is CNC machined from the highest quality chrome molybdenum steel for years and years of use. The smooth double/single action trigger system mirrors that of the competition models, the magazine catch is reversible for left hand shooters, includes full size ambidextrous safety, and the rear sight is fully adjustable.

The Force 22 TB slide is available in a Blue Cerakote, set off attractively by the pistol’s black poly frame.

Centerfire handgun ammunition keeps rising in prices, making practice an ever more expensive undertaking. But 22LR is very affordable, abundant, and available in a great variety of range, target and varmint loads, plus an increasing number of self defense options.

Tanfoglio and IFG: setting the bar high for serious hand gunners.

Specifications: Tanfoglio Force 22 TB

Caliber: 22LR

Operation: Blowback, Semi-Auto

Barrel: Chrome Moly Steel, 5.50”

Barrel Threading: 1/2X28

Slide: Durable Aluminum

Slide Finish: Blue Cerakote

Frame: Polymer, Black

Trigger: Adjustable, Double – Single Action

Sights: Adj. Rear,

Weight: 24.3 oz.

Another variant of the Force 22L

The announcement of the Tanfoglio Force 22 TB’s introduction to the US market is sure to excite rimfire enthusiasts across the country. Its reputation as a reliable, accurate, and versatile pistol, along with the added benefit of a threaded barrel for suppressor use, make it a great option for both target shooting and small-game hunting. For those interested in picking one up, they can currently be had for an MSRP of $575.00. For more information, you can visit http://www.ifg-usa.com/ to learn more.

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