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Scheme May Expand Gun-Free Zones May Hit Your Town!

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Watch William Kirk of Washington Gun Law break down this new scheme to expand gun-free zones.

In an unexpected move, the city of New Orleans, with the apparent cooperation of its police department, is attempting to establish expansive gun-free zones, exploiting a legal loophole that could have far-reaching consequences.

William Kirk, President of Washington Gun Law, highlights the city’s innovative yet contentious strategy to disarm civilians by designating the New Orleans Police Department’s 8th Precinct as a vocational school, thereby extending gun-free zones significantly throughout the city, including major areas like Bourbon Street.

Louisiana recently celebrated the implementation of its constitutional carry law, becoming the 29th state to adopt such legislation.

However, the New Orleans City Council’s efforts to counteract this by proposing extensive gun-free zones throughout the city have raised alarms among gun rights advocates.

These zones would leverage the law that defines schools and their 1,000 ft perimeters as gun-free, despite the 8th Precinct not being a regular educational institution. The city argues that since police cadets may occasionally attend classes there, it qualifies as a school.

Kirk argues that this move could set a dangerous precedent. If successful, similar tactics could be adopted by other jurisdictions, effectively creating new gun-free zones around police precincts and other areas under the guise of temporary educational activities.

The implications extend beyond just gun rights, as such measures could be applied to various facilities, potentially impacting public access and rights across different states.

The New Orleans strategy has sparked significant debate and is expected to face legal challenges. Gun-rights advocates like Kirk urge vigilance, warning that if left unchecked, this approach could spread rapidly, affecting gun rights on a broader scale.

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