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POTD: IWI Tavor X95

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The IWI Tavor X95

Let’s congratulate Schrombo on his new IWI Tavor X95, equipped with a Meprolight M21 sight and Manticore Arms port cover and other parts. I have the same rifle, but in Olive Drab and I can relate to the long wait and anticipation before I got it. Here’s what he’s got to say:

I wanted to get one for myself. That urge went ballistic when they upgraded to the MTAR or X95 some 15 or so years ago. I’ve always been a fan of bullpup rifles, but something in that combo of a reliable, battle proven rifle combined with an ultra-tough optic really gets me going!
Last week my IWI Tavor X95 chambered in .223 finally arrived. I exchanged a few parts (Manticore Arms port cover, buttpad & safety, Timney trigger) and now it is finished! Let the zombies come!
Btw – I had to switch from the Timney trigger back to the stock trigger pack, as the Timney insisted on going burst mode on me. Now I‘m waiting for a Geissele trigger – if it ever becomes available again.

If there ever was a true SHTF optic sight, it would be this one: The Meprolight M21. Requiring no batteries due to the fiber optic illumination during daytime and tritium for night time use, the sight is “always on” – no switches needed! The sight is completely encapsulated as the windage and elevation adjustment moves the whole sight in reference to the mount, where on a regular sight the adjustment screws would enter the sight itself, adding a potential point of failure.
Shown here is my M21 with the Polarizer Kit and the Flash Guard add-on. The polarizer helps when shooting from a dark environment into a brightly lit environment (preventing a problem commonly known as reticle washout). And the Flash Guard (those hexagonal structures at the front) helps minimizing lens reflections. Plus those add-ons protect the front lens from any physical harm as well.
The only downside to the M21 is its weight (13.11oz / 372g), as there are now a ton of high quality red dot sights available that weigh significantly less. But as this M21 will go on top of my soon to arrive IWI Tavor X95, the weight doesn’t matter as much as it would on a light weight AR15 build.

For more of Schrombo’s pictures please check The B&T SPC9, Heckler & Koch G36C or HK243? or Cloning the Heckler & Koch MP5.

The pictures are from Germany and Schrombo, used with permission. Please check his Instagram.

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