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Fiocchi’s New 5.7×28 Range Dynamics Bulk Pack: More Rounds, More Fun

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Fiocchi, a leading ammunition manufacturer, has expanded its 5.7x28mm cartridge lineup with the Range Dynamics bulk pack, a new addition to its precision-manufactured cartridges. The 150-round boxes of 40-grain FMJ 5.7x28mm are perfect for defensive pistol and carbine practice, plinking, or simply indulging in the fun of mag dumps. The new bulk packaging makes it easier for recreational and personal defense shooters to increase their range time and reduce their cost per round.

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Fiocchi’s New 5.7×28 Range Dynamics Bulk Pack: More Rounds, More Fun

Fiocchi’s New 5.7×28 Bulk Pack

Fiocchi, a global leader in defensive, target, and hunting ammunition, continues to lead the 5.7 charge with a new addition to its lineup of precision-manufactured 5.7x28mm cartridges.

Just in time for the summer shooting season, Fiocchi is offering a Range Dynamics bulk pack of its new 40-grain FMJ 5.7x28mm. Now shooters can enjoy longer range times and indulge in a few more “mag dumps” that 5.7 fans can’t resist.

Offered in 150-round boxes, the Range Dynamics 5.7x28mm bulk pack ammo is the perfect choice for defensive pistol and carbine practice, or for a fun day of plinking. This new bulk packaging provides shooters the opportunity to lower their cost per round while increasing their time on the range with much more affordable pricing.

With the resurging interest in the 5.7×28 cartridge and with an increasing number of new firearm platforms, Fiocchi is committed to supporting recreational shooters and personal defense practitioners with the highest quality 5.7×28 ammo on the market in quantities and at pricing to match demand.

Fiocchi’s portfolio of 5.7×28 ammo includes, in addition to the new Range Dynamics 40-grain bulk pack, 35-grain Hyperformance jacketed frangible, 40-grain Hyperformance tipped hollowpoint, and 62-grain subsonic Range Dynamics FMJ cartridges available in 50-round boxes.

For more information about Fiocchi ammunition, visit FiocchiUSA.com.

Fiocchi's New 5.7x28 Bulk Pack: More Rounds, More Fun

Fiocchi’s new Range Dynamics bulk pack is a welcome addition to the 5.7x28mm cartridge lineup, especially for recreational shooters and personal defense practitioners who want to enjoy more rounds at a lower cost. The 40-grain FMJ cartridges in 150-round boxes are perfect for a day of plinking or defensive pistol and carbine practice. Fiocchi has been committed to delivering the highest quality 5.7×28 ammo on the market, and the Range Dynamics bulk pack should be no exception. With Fiocchi’s other products, such as the Hyperformance jacketed frangible, tipped hollowpoint, and subsonic FMJ cartridges, there’s something for every shooter. So, load up and hit the range with Fiocchi’s new 5.7×28 bulk packs and your full-auto P90. Just kidding.

Fiocchi's New 5.7x28 Range Dynamics Bulk Pack: More Rounds, More Fun

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