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Alien Gear Goes Electromagnetic: The NEW Photon Holster

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Especially when beginning your journey into firearms, finding a holster that can serve double duty is valuable. Many of my students are new to firearms and are planning to carry concealed. However, new shooters aren’t always comfortable drawing from concealment, nor should they be until they’ve received real training. One brand that understands this well is Alien Gear Holsters. Their latest holster is an IWB design that can also serve as an OWB holster with a simple conversion. This is the new Photon Holster from Alien Gear.

Alien Gear @ TFB:

Alien Gear Goes Electromagnetic: The NEW Photon Holster

Ready to take your carry to the next level? Order your Photon Holster today and experience the future of holster designs! With its cutting-edge features and unbeatable comfort, it’s the perfect upgrade to your everyday carry setup.

Alien Gear Goes Electromagnetic: The NEW Photon Holster

Alien Gear Goes Electromagnetic: The NEW Photon Holster

The Alien Gear Photon holster is the newest carry holster from the company. It is available in a standard or light-bearing configuration, both of which are red dot compatible. The clip can be flipped for a right- or left-handed draw. Removing the clip allows users to attach outside-the-waistband hardware. Ride height and cant are also adjustable. The Photon can be used as an appendix holster or strongside and can link to an optional sidecar for your spare magazine.

Alien Gear Goes Electromagnetic: The NEW Photon Holster


  • Compatibility: Glock, Lone Wolf, S&W, Sig Sauer, Springfield, Taurus
  • Options: Sidecar
  • Retention: Adjustable, passive
  • Construction: Injection-molded polymer
  • Price: $44.88 (no light), $49.88 (light-bearing)

Alien Gear Goes Electromagnetic: The NEW Photon Holster

If you’re looking for a new concealed carry holster, and this looks like the one, you can pick one up from the Alien Gear website. Don’t forget to follow along on their social media pages. Alien Gear can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Keep your head up!

Nic L

Nic L

Stemming from his childhood love of WWII history, Nic’s passion for firearms continues to grow as his maturity level recedes. He has competed in local USPSA, IDPA, and rifle competitions, and has an almost unnatural affection for Rosie, his Gen3 Glock 19.


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