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Cozy, Durable, Sustainably Made: Patagonia Women’s Fjord Flannel Review

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I expect a lot from my flannels. For me, they are more than just a snug fashion statement. I also want mine to keep up on work days. While Patagonia is no stranger to high standards, I put its women’s Fjord Flannel to the test.

A worthwhile work flannel needs to be comfortable, help regulate body temperature, and allow for full movement without feeling restricted. I want to work without being distracted by what I’m wearing. 

During my testing in the dead of winter and spring in the Colorado Rockies, the women’s Patagonia Fjord Flannel proved its mettle. It kept me warm as a layering piece during the coldest of days, held its own when the temperatures rose, and could be used as a single layer. 

In short: The ladies’ Patagonia Fjord Flannel ($99) is a simple design done really well. There are no fancy extras with this midweight flannel, but if you desire a buttery-soft daily driver that can go from work to town without needing to change, this could be the ticket.  

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  • Material
    Organic cotton
  • Density
  • Best for
    All-day, everyday wear

  • 2 chest patch pockets

  • Pockets have button-flap closures

  • Cotton is not as technical as synthetic fibers

Patagonia Fjord Flannel Review

During the spring, I went up to Montana for 2 weeks to help my family on their potato farm. They were shipping out seed potatoes. The job entails being outside, leaning over a conveyor belt, and picking out rocks, dirt clods, and rotten potatoes. It’s not glamorous, and it needs to be done despite what the weather brings.

The Fjord Flannel was my go-to work shirt. The weather was the standard: Cold in the mornings followed by warm afternoons. This midweight layer did a great job keeping me warm when I layered it over another shirt for the colder mornings and then kept it on as my only layer as the temps rose. 

Being in my hometown for a limited time meant I was often meeting friends right after work. I didn’t worry about needing to change, as the flannel is an easy, good-looking piece that transitions well from work to town.

I would just pat off the potato dust, head to the brewery, and blend in with the rest of the people wearing flannels. 

Sustainable Cotton 

Patagonia makes everything from work clothes to leisure wear and technical apparel. Quality and sustainability seamlessly connect all aspects of the brand’s clothing. Not many brands can consistently boast high-tier products across the board. I think a main factor in that reputation is Patagonia’s attention to detail, including what materials are used in a shirt like this one and how those are blended together. 

For the Fjord Flannel, the designers opted for organic cotton. Organically grown cotton cuts CO2 emissions by nearly half compared to conventionally grown cotton and saves 91% in water use. Considering how much cotton is used in clothing, that adds up!

For Patagonia, using organic cotton isn’t a marketing ploy. The brand has been exclusively using 100% organic virgin cotton in all of its cotton products since 1996. It has been setting high standards for decades. 

Buttery Soft, Freedom to Move

Not only is this women’s flannel shirt sustainably made, but it is also ridiculously friendly next-to-skin — buttery soft. The cuddly organic cotton helps make this flannel one of the coziest I’ve ever had.

With cotton as the ingredient, the shirt isn’t very technical, so keep that in mind. I’d reach for something else on my highest output days. Regardless, it does hit high marks for coziness.

Even though the shoulders are not pleated, I still had enough range of motion to reach across the conveyor belt to snag dirt clods. When I was back home in Colorado, I was able to shovel snow from spring storms without feeling restricted. 

A curved shirttail hem means the shirt is more tuckable, and it stayed put while I cleaned up spuds, even to the end of the day. The length rests at the hips and reaches a bit further in the front and back. It’s long enough to ensure my backside is covered no matter how I twist or bend. On windy days, no drafts were blowing up my back.

Buttons and Pockets

I found that the buttons are easy to slip through the holes, and the two chest pockets have buttons for additional security, which is a plus. The chest pockets are the only pockets on the shirt. They are deep enough for my iPhone to sit in, but the top sleeve wasn’t able to close. As noted before, this isn’t a shirt with all the bells and whistles. It is a relatively simple design but done really well. 

Along the lines of simplicity, the cuffs are not stiff and easily rolled up my arm when the day started to heat up. The collar is likewise malleable and doesn’t stand straight when popped up. But it still offered some protection when the wind kicked up.

No Shrinkage 

Sometimes I get worried about washing cotton shirts. I’ve had too many items shrink on me! I made sure to follow the guidelines on the tag: warm water and tumble dry. 

The first time I washed the Fjord, I anxiously pulled it out of the dryer. I quickly tried it on, wondering if the buttons would still line up or if the sleeves would be shorter. (Why are the sleeves always the ones that shrink?!) My fears were relinquished as everything lined up, and nothing was shorter.

One change I noticed was that it was actually softer. After a season of heavy use and washing, it still hasn’t shrunk and remains supple. I have noticed very slight pilling, but nothing out of the ordinary for this textile makeup. 

Patagonia Fjord Flannel: Conclusion

Tested in diverse environments, from the harsh winters of the Colorado Rockies to the demanding tasks of a Montana potato farm, the women’s Patagonia Fjord Flannel proves it’s a quality-made, comfortable, and adaptable piece. Its fleecy touch and thoughtful design ensure snugness and convenience throughout wear, making it a reliable choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

I found that this flannel is a versatile piece that works well for both fashion and function. However, if you’re in need of a more technical blend with all the add-ons, like more pockets and a rigid collar or cuff, this might not be the shirt for you. Or, a more traditional wool flannel might be a better match. While this one may lack some technical features found in more specialized garments, the Fjord Flannel’s simplicity is its strength. 

In a world where fashion often sacrifices sustainability for style, the Patagonia Fjord Flannel offers a refreshing alternative. It’s not just a shirt — it’s a conscious choice for those who seek comfort, functionality, and integrity in their wardrobe.

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