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Leupold RX 2800: Full Review

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Whether at the range or on the hunt, being able to determine the distance to a target is critical for long-range accuracy. A fast and accurate rangefinder is essential to success whether it’s ringing steel or harvesting game. Leupold’s new RX-­2800 TBR/W “fills the bill,” as they say, accurately measuring distances from 7 to 2,800 yards in less than a second. With a host of features, this 7x27mm rangefinding monocular is easy to use, operated by only a power button, a mode-­select button and a focus dial.

Rangefinders work by projecting infrared (IR) pulses, which are invisible to our eyes, to the target and back. The time it takes for this to occur is used to calculate the target’s distance. At the heart of the RX-­2800 TBR/W is the Alpha IQ ranging engine. It produces a tight laser beam with more pulses for the faster and more accurate readings. It also allows a bit of flexibility when steadying the unit. This can be problematic with other units on small targets in the field.

(Photo by Alfredo Rico)

Leupold’s True Ballistic Range with Wind (TBR/W) technology accounts for shot angle and the ballistics of your rifle and load. The scope adjustment or holdover solution can be displayed in mil or MOA. There’s also a line-of-sight (LOS) mode that provides distance to target without adjusting for shot angle or ballistics. In either mode, you can choose to have the distance displayed in yards or meters.

The RX-­2800 TBR/W features a fixed 10-mph full wind value, 90 degrees from the muzzle. If the wind is coming from other than 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock, or is greater or less than 10 mph, it’s relatively easy to adjust based on the fixed 10-mph value. (A wind-value diagram is included in the operating instructions.) The TBR/W system provides adjustments for targets out to 800 yards.

Following the spirit of simplicity, the power button is multiporpose, used for displaying different stats and tracking moving targets. (Photo by Alfredo Rico)

TBR calculations are based on one of four modes: BAS, MIL, MOA and TRIG. After selecting the mode, choose one of the 25 ballistic groups programmed into the unit, covering a wide array of calibers and loads. If your specific load is not listed, choose one with a similar bullet weight and velocity. Once selected, the RX-­2800 TBR/W makes calculations based on this information.

Calculations based on BAS, MIL, MOA and TRIG can be cycled through by pressing the Mode button. (Photo by Alfredo Rico)

The RX-­2800 TBR/W is programmed with three selectable reticles including Plus Point, Duplex and Duplex with Plus Point. The red reticles are clear and bright thanks to an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display. Last Target Mode allows you to accurately range the farthest target even in snow, rain, or fog.

To measure distance, look at the target through the monocular and press the power button, activating the reticle. Align the reticle over the target and press the power button again to display distance, holdover, and other information. Holding the power button down initiates “Scan Mode,” which enables you to track moving targets.

A 1/4-20 thread mount is available for ultimate stability when needing to determine the distance of a long-range target. (Photo by Alfredo Rico)

At just 4.4×2.9×1.5 ­inches, the RX-­2800 TBR/W fits in the palm of your hand. It ships with a carry case, retention cord, quick reference guide and a CR123 battery, which provides power for at least 4,000 measurements. A ¼-­20 tripod adapter also facilitates easy mounting.

The unit is waterproof and has been tested in temperatures ranging from -­40 degrees Fahrenheit to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The RX-­2800 TBR/W is backed by a 2-­year electronics warranty. If you’re in the market for a rangefinder, Leupold’s RX-­2800 TBR/W is right on target. Visit leupold.com for more information.

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