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HUXWRX Drops the Kaibosh Blast Deflector for the 4th of July

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HUXWRX Safety Co. just dropped a new limited edition blast deflector in time for the 4th of July. The Kaibosh is 3D-printed from 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel and has a PECV DLC coating. HUXWRX is saying it has “superior blast wave dispersion that redirects the concussive forces away from the shooter and bystanders.” Their press release says that it was initially so effective that ATF deemed it to be a suppressor, and they had to go back and open it up more to meet the blast deflector approval. With that said, although they don’t say it, I’m curious if it does mitigate sound on the shooters end something like the Witt Machine Sound Mitigation Equipment (SME) blast deflectors. We’ll have to see once these are out in the wild.

The Kaibosh is compatible with all HUXWRX QD mounts and can be used on calibers up to 7.62. It’s designed for for semi-automatic use only, and is a just a blast deflector so it does not obscure weapon flash, which means it should be okay for folks in ban states. Although as usual, check your local laws. MSRP is $332, plus you’ll need one of their QD mounts if you aren’t rocking one already. It isn’t inexpensive, but it’s a slick set up and if it’s anything like HUXWRX other products, I’m sure it’ll be extremely effective.

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