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FEELIN’ THE HEAT: Formerly Firearms-Banning Credit Union Revises Their Agreement…Again

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When they feel the heat they see the light.  So said a late Senator from Illinois generations ago. There’s a credit union in Idaho that’s been feeling some heat lately, and thanks to feedback, they’re seeing the light. The Idaho Central Credit Union felt the heat of TTAG’s story yesterday about their member agreement that precluded ammo and gun purchases with ICCU accounts as of a few days earlier.

See, as of a week ago, their member agreement banned using their services for firearm and ammunition purchases, among many other perfectly lawful transactions. Their member agreement didn’t allow members to use their own money in ICCU accounts to pay traffic tickets, taxes or prescription drugs. And given their nebulous language about “materials that promote intolerance, violence or hate,” donations to Donald Trump or membership payments to the NRA would probably result in the ICCU woke “police” putting cuffs on an account.

KTVB reported on the ICCU’s heavy-handed terms and conditions in a recent news story.

Caught red-handed, the credit union promptly revised their terms and conditions.

We wrote about it yesterday, and now they’ve emailed us a press release announcing their retreat from heavy-handed restrictions on how members can use their own money.

Yes, ladies and gents, they’ve changed their “Prohibited Uses” language a third time in about as many days. But rest assured they are truly sorry for any concern this has caused.

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that they aren’t simply sorry that they got caught rolling out the new “socially responsible” banking policies a few years too soon. After all, heaven forbid someone use their credit union debit card to buy a script at the drug store or see some boobies on the interwebs. Or buy a new SIG P365.


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